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Three Different Light Types for a Perfect Home


If there’s something essential to create an elegant and cozy room design that is lighting. Oscar de la Renta once said “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times” and that is totally right. To Room Decor Ideas, there are three different light types for a perfect home, especially now, during these rainy and dark winter days.


Ambient Lighting


Three Different Light Types for a Perfect Home

Sconces and chandeliers are the best pieces to create a stunning ambient light in a room. They also give you the opportunity to stylish your home and create a more glamorous and eclectic room decoration.

Three Different Light Types for a Perfect Home

But what is really important is that these two lighting pieces allow you to change the intensity of the light and create different sensations. For example, in a family dinner the dining room should be fully illuminated to create a feeling of cheerful space, but the same space can look more romantic if you use only one of these pieces to light up the room.


Task Lighting


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When you are decorating, you have to think on functionality and light has an essential function on a room. You have to place lighting pieces on strategic places so you can get an easier life at home.

The kitchen is one of the spaces where the lighting is an important part of the room design. Cooking will be easier if you have one or more pendants hanging above the counter where you prepare your food.

Three Different Light Types for a Perfect Home

In another spaces, like a home office or a reading space, table and floor lamps are the easiest solution to get more light in specific places and also gives you the opportunity to get new decorative details that will bring a new style at home!


Accent Lighting


Three Different Light Types for a Perfect Home

In a room decoration, some items can get a spotlight by themselves, but others need a little help. So, it’s important that you have specific lighting point to illuminate that special detail in a space, such as a paint or a sculpture.

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A table lamp, a sconce or even candles can bring a new featured to a decorative piece in a room.


These three types of lighting can make your home interiors cozier and more elegant. Each one of them has a different function that can improve the style at home and get a more curated room decoration.

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