Home Decor with Leather Upholstery


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Home Decor with Leather Upholstery


So let’s talk about decorating with Leather Upholstery! One of the best parts of 2016 trends is being able to bring in leather furniture. Room Décor Ideas is finding awe-inspiring, ageless, and classic leather pieces for a variety of design perspectives for home décor. All Interior Design Ideas know that leather upholstery lasts for a lifetime, so leather furniture is something that will become more aesthetically pleasing as years go by. Leather upholstery brings a sense wealth and luxury into a design aesthetic for living room decoration. In order to get Top Notch 2016 trends for Leather Upholstery, see what Room Décor Ideas has to say:

Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
Living Room Decoration with White Leather Upholstery

Furniture with leather upholstery looks great in any space a designer may place the piece into to. Leather has design aesthetics of rich, unique textures and eye-catching looks. Room Décor Ideas advises that a design shouldn’t consist of anything to coherent because leather is a very dark, heavy look. In order to overcome this home décor obstacle, Interior Design Ideas suggest using a fabric that matches the color scheme of the room. Accent Pillows and Throws are perfect for this idea! Cow leather is very durable, and long lasting so it’s a great use of material for high traffic areas.

Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
Leather Upholstery for Home Decor

Retail Stylists and Visual Merchandisers do an amazing job by balancing visual weight of leather upholstered furniture by layering pillows and throws with varying colors and textures.


“Quality, not quantity” For Leather Upholstery, there are a variety of grades from high to low. Room Décor Ideas explains how this can be seen and felt immediately whether it being in a showroom, office, or even your own home. The better quality of the leather furniture, the longer the design aesthetic will last.


“Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal” – Coco Chanel 2016 Trends recommends for Living Room decoration, a timeless piece of leather furniture with a classic color for your home.

Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
Kelly Wearstler’s Trendy Green Color for Leather Furniture

Another one of the popular 2016 trends for leather upholstery that Room Décor Ideas has spotted is designers are revitalizing classic silhouettes, but using trendy, fun colors for their upholstery. This can combine two time period of classic and contemporary, for example.

Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
Living Room Decoration: Mix & Match of Frames and Colors for Trends 2016

Here’s a trick: Always keep a room balanced with layering and accessorizing the leather furniture to make the space more attractive and comfortable. This top will lighten up the space using lighter hues for accents!

Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
KOKET‘s Drapesse Chair Upholstered in Drapesse Cream Leather

All of this can be very difficult, but for Living Room Decoration take the heavy focus away by placing other furniture and accessories in different finishes around the space. This can consist of artwork, desks, ottomans, side chairs/tables!


Home Decor with Leather Upholstery
Some of KOKET Leathers for Living Room Decoration

Inspirations can come from a variety of textures, looks, colors, and patterns for your Home Decor!

For those of you, who want more inspiration on leather furniture and leather upholstery, please take a look at: Roberto Cavalli and KOKET Partner for the Florida Showroom!

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