Home Textiles Trend: Velvet


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Home Textiles Trend: Velvet


Title: Home Textiles Trend: Velvet

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas

The World of Decorating Ideas evolves around everything from home accents to upholstery fabrics and even home textiles! Velvet Fabric is one of designers favorites to work with! Using too much of this can lead to one’s home in a danger zone though, everything in moderation. Modern Fabrics can be used all around home interiors from sofas and pillows, to ottomans and even console tables. Please see below for velvet upholstery fabric and crushed velvet fabric tips, silk velvet fabric hints, as well as tricks to make the wonderland of velvet fabric come alive!


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Jonas Ingerstedt Photography has captured the Hollywood Look that everyone is looking for. This velvet upholstery fabric is tufted for a more glamorous, yet charming look!


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Catherine M. Austin Interior Design does a spectacular job of bringing a bit of unexpected luxury into this space! The silk velvet fabric upholstered on these arm chairs brings a more sophisticated, yet bold statement! Home Textiles are mixing fabrics with nickel and polished brass for the Fall Interiors.


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
KOKET’s Hide Velvet Fabric in a soft kiwi color brings out a more textured look. One needs to know that when working with velvet upholstery fabric, it is not the best to use on high traffic furniture. This textured look doesn’t make it seem as noticeable as non printed upholstery fabrics.


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Known for being the architect for Prada Stores, Roberto Baciocchi, designs with a clean-lined aesthetic, as well as with an elegant perception! The silk velvet fabric that is upholstered on these sofas bring a more shimmery, thick, and soft look for this specific space.


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Home accents are craving the warmer tones for the fall season! By following decorating ideas from the latest Interior Design Magazines consisting of VOGUE, ELLE, and even POPSugar, an interior designer can’t go wrong!


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Styled by David Novak-Piper this interior design space is influenced by antique upholstery fabrics. The silk velvet fabric used as the throw over the bench is definitely one of the favorites for designers. This is because working in the same color palette brings out the true hue and textured finish!


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
Strie velvet fabric carried by KOKET’s Exotic Opulence Collection, dresses one’s home with the perfect sophistication it needs! What is grabbing attention for the upcoming season is to have a textured look, but with the same color. The linear look of this velvet upholstery fabric brings out the extravagance feel.


Home Textiles Trend: Velvet
There is a variety of home textiles from around the world that vary in color, texture, look, and even feel that have aesthetically pleasing looks when working with velvet fabric. This bedroom has more of an antique, yet elegant look. Designers are always forecasting what is the next big thing that is going to hit the interior design market!


For More Inspiration for Decorating with Velvet Fabric, Please See: 10 Covetable Celebirty Living Room Ideas 

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