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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors


Black can be consider a misunderstood color. Many home decorators consider it a dark color that can make a space look smaller and even too sad. But all this is wrong and the projects of the best interior designers in the world can prove it. Black can actually be the perfect color to paint walls and ceiling, as long as you know how to choose the perfect furniture and decorative pieces for the room decoration. So, Room Decor Ideas show you How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors!


How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

Paint the walls a living space in black can be a great way to make the furniture pieces to stand out and look more shinny. On this living room, Colette Sofa by KOKET and its pink tone has such a vibrant vibe thanks to the contrast created with the color scheme. But it’s always important to use a lot of illumination points, like Chloe Sconces by KOKET!


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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

When you combine a room decoration with black walls with furniture pieces with dark hues, the best way to balance this dark atmosphere is to pain floor and ceiling with soft tones, like white. On the living room design, the black walls really make the velvet accent chair to stand out.


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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

The luxury design brand KOKET has a lot of great examples of elegant home interiors with dark walls. This walk in closet has a dreamy room decoration that can make any woman fall in love. The dark walls contrast with the gold details of Exotica Dressing Table and the iconic Chandra Chair with its velvet body. The final touch to a luxury interior design? A black crystals chandelier like Eternity Chandelier by KOKET!


How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

Wallcoverings are one of the major home decor trends right now and it’s impossible to resist to the stylish look they can give a to room decoration at home interiors! As you can see, on this hallway design the black background of the floral wallcovering makes the pattern stand out and look even more elegant!


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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

Black can be the perfect color for you to use on a dining room design for different interior design styles. This modern dining room looks elegant and welcoming thanks to the color scheme created with the contrast of the black wall, the white cabinet and the colorful table lamps. The final touch to complete the glamour is the gold chandelier that works as statement piece in the room decoration.


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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

When using dark colors on the walls of home interiors it’s important to combine it with the right selection of furniture pieces and materials so you can get a balanced ambiance with a luxury interior design. For example, mirrored surfaces are great to make the light spread all over the room. Addicta Mirror by KOKET and Spellbound Cabinet by KOKET are used on this room design to bring a touch of light, while the pink gem of Gem Table Lamp gives the space a pop of color.



How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

If you think that your room decoration is looking too poor, paint the walls with black or other dark color can be the perfect decorating solution to improve the style of the space and give it a more elegant and eclectic look.


How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

A bedroom should always be designed to be the perfect sleep oasis, where people can sleep and enjoy more relaxed time. And, as you can see, a bedroom design with black walls, especially when combined with black & white furniture pieces, not only looks super trendy but also can offer the perfect welcoming look.


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How Black Can Help you to Create Welcoming Interiors

Not only black, but also other dark colors, can create a glamorous room decoration for a hallway or even a entrance. See how the gold tones of Obssedia Console, Addicta Mirror and Flora Sconce, all by KOKET, stand out and contrast with the dark green and create a luxury interior design?


Black and other dark colors, when used on the walls can be the perfect solution to improve the elegance of different interior design styles. This color combination, when combined with the right color scheme, can make a room decoration more welcoming and with a luxury interior design!


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