Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs


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Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs


The rule of thumb in design is always to select the rug first, but the majority of homeowners prefer to invest in furniture and pieces that fill the home interiors, we at Room Decor Ideas are firm believers in “the shoe before the dress and the cocktail party will always follow”. Try designing the space around rug and let the rug be the soul in the space – or buy the shoe first. Nothing screams more soul and heritage than natural hide rugs and no one masters the artistry of hide rug design better than Kyle Bunting. The design industry named him an innovator whose work over the past decade has redefined how hide is used in luxury interior design.

Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs
Kyle Bunting offers luxury rugs with geometrical patterns that can bring a more modern look to home interiors. To create a luxury interior design living room, you can place a beautiful rug, like this one, that occupies the entire space between two different seating areas.


Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs
As Room Decor Ideas already announced, Precious and Raw Materials will be a trend for 2016 homes. A stylish way to add this precious touch to a room decoration is with a luxury rug, like this one by Kyle Bunting, with a gem color tone. This snorkel blue is perfect to make a room more eclectic and bring a pop of color to the space.


Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs

Kyle Bunting is widely recognized as the master and creator of the decorative hides rugs. These luxurious pieces are anchoring, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and even some of the most lavish kitchens. With over 100 colors to select from and numerous intricate patterns your space will be the talk of the town.


Not far behind is the “darling” of the furniture industry : KOKET, who introduced metallic leather and hide rugs to their collation last year. Known for their empowering statement pieces, KOKET has now elevated their followers senses with a sophisticated palette of neutral hides banded by metallic ultra soft leathers.

Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs

Redefining Luxury with Natural Hide Rugs

Contrary to belief Cowhides have a beautiful hand and heavy weight allowing them to lay flush on the ground without any curled edges. Pure cowhides are not only soft, but naturally stain repellent making them suitable for any application including high traffic areas.

Now isn’t that a surprise.

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