Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room


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Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room


Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room
Phyllis Morris Butterfly on Gate Magenta Wallcovering in a KOKET living room project

Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room

Top A –list designers are offering wide varieties of lavish, decadent, and empowering wallcoverings to revamp Living Room Decoration in today’s design world. These consist of the Iridescent Peacock Feathers from KOKET to amazing York Wallcoverings that cover the trends of fashion and interiors. These are right up with the 2016 Trends for Home Interiors. Everyday the creative teams of designers are living outside of the imaginative box to constantly generate wallpaper ideas. Wallcoverings are NOT just for the walls in the design world due to the decadence of wallpaper design being created each and every second. There are fresh and innovative designs brought to life everyday! Room Décor Ideas wants to help bring dreams to a reality within these spaces.

Wallpaper ideas for your living room

This designer does an excellent job by just covering ONE wall in a dressing room to bring excitement and enthusiasm into the room. This could be used in a living room, by bringing attention behind a unique lamp, for example. This is one of the TOP Living Room Decorating Ideas for 2016!

Wallpaper ideas for your living room

Designers often find that there is always at least one trending wallpaper that should be portrayed to become the main focal point in the room. This idea will make the space interesting, BOLD, and cutting-edge. Kelly Wearstler uses her Agate Stone Wallcovering to get her point across.

Wallpaper ideas for your living room

The favorite wallpaper trends are fully covering each and every inch of space. This could include a study area, bedroom, office space, or even a bathroom, but especially in a living room! Room Décor Ideas tend to notice this will add conversation, depth, and an aesthetically pleasing look to the space.

Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room
Phyllis Morris Wallcovering accompanying KOKET’s Caprichosa Sofa, Reve Mirror, and the Lotus Floor Lamp

Interior Designers really pay attention to detail when looking for inspiration in wallpaper ideas. What’s the next trend? We want to inspire others to make a space look very impactful and daring, since this is one of the 2016 trends for Room Décor. Phyllis Morris, once again, proves their point of bringing the wallpaper to life.

Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room

Every wallpaper design adds distinctive characteristics and features to a space. Living Room Decorating ideas need to enhance interest, excitement, and attractiveness to all aspects of the design space. This could include framing your favorite wallpaper trend or even creating a jaw-dropping space that’s the next big talk of the town! Rubelli does an amazing job by framing his wallcovering to give a different meaning to what a frame should do!

Wallpaper Idea for your Living Room

For more inspiration about Wallpaper ideas, please see Kelly Wearstler’s Pinterest Board.

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