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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017


There are fifty shades of grey that you can use to get a trendy room decoration on your home interiors for 2017. Today, Room Decor Ideas brings you more stunning room ideas in grey, one of the color schemes that will be one the hottest home decor trends next year, this time for one of the most important spaces of a home: the bedroom. So, check out these 10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017 and get a new style at home!



10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

Combine several hues of grey makes the perfect color palette in neutral tones so you can create a beautiful room decoration on your bedroom. This bedroom design from a Barcelona apartment created by Recdi8 combine the grey shades with white and black details and then use the iconic Nymph Chandelier by KOKET to get a new glamour in the room design with its gold tone.


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

With a view like the one from this bedroom, you don’t need to work too much on the room decoration. The neutral tones, especially the grey shades, are the perfect color schemes for a bedroom design with a luxury interior design and a view to the city outside!


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

The great thing about decorating with neutral tones is that you can combine different colors in a very classy and elegant way on the room decoration. On this classic bedroom design, the grey tones are used in the seating area with a grey velvet sofa and a couple of chairs creating the perfect space to relax.


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

As a neutral color, grey can be used in different parts of a room decoration without being too much. For example, you can paint your walls in grey and then use a clearer shade on a furniture piece, like the bed! A couple of accessories and you’ll get a luxury interior design bedroom!


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

Another great way to use this trendy color scheme inside your bedroom to get a luxury interior design is on the soft goods, for example, the curtains and rugs. You can use luxury curtains in grey tones with patterns to give a trendiest look to the room decoration.


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

Until now, Room Decor Ideas only showed you luxury bedrooms with a more classical room decoration, but you can also use grey to be the color palette for your luxury interior design modern bedroom. And you can use this color scheme not only in the upholstery pieces, but also on the casegoods. What can be more luxurious than a metallic nightstand in silver tones?


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

If you use a grey color palette as the background for the bedroom design, you can combine it and create contrast with furniture pieces with strongest colors, like red. The grey wallcovering with stripes of this luxury interior design bedroom is so beautiful and trendy!


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

To create a more glamorous look on your luxury interior design bedroom, you can use gold details and decorative pieces to accessorize this room decoration. The combination of grey and gold really create such a luxurious color scheme!


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

One of the trendiest combination you can make with a grey color scheme is to mix purple, especially a clearer tone. Like on this modern bedroom with a luxury interior design, you can use grey as the background color and then add some details in purple tones, like the curtains or the bed linen.


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10 Bedroom Designs in Grey to Copy in 2017

Grey and all its hues can create such a lovely and trendy room decoration on a bedroom design. This luxury interior design bedroom designed by Ethnic Chic combines grey and beige tones on the walls to create a more tough look. To complete this modern room design, the Vivre Chandelier 2 Rings by KOKET with its Agata Stones to give this raw feeling.



Grey, especially the mineral grey, will be one of the color schemes that are one of the major home decor trends for 2017. The best part is that this color never goes out of style and can be used in different interior design styles, always getting a very trendy and elegant look on the room decoration!


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