8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017


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8 Must Use Paint Colors for 2017


Hello there! According with top designers, the most desired paint colors for 2017 to use in their upcoming design work ranged from deep blues to bright yellows. The color trends are clear, is all about rich, saturated color. Take a look in what shades the experts plan on using in the year ahead.

Mineral Grey 

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

Dusky Blue

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

Green Black

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

The interior designer, Elena Calabrese of Elena Calabrese Design & Decor, recommends Pratt & Lambert’s Blackwatch Green (19-17), which is dark and intense without being black. It looks fantastic as a high contrast with light walls and it had a dramatic, seductive feel.

Mustard Yellow

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

This year, the designers are putting together several schemes mustard and turquoise colors. In this living room, a saturated color as the yellow mustard was used on the walls.

Cerulean Blue

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

“I never tire of Cerulean blue. It is timeless and pairs beautifully with so many other colors. I especially like using it on unexpected surfaces. When used in a high gloss lacquer, the intensity of the color is really highlighted” – Rachel Reider, of Rachel Reider Interiors.


8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

“One of my favorite colors that is trending for 2017 is a deep yellow-green. When green has yellow mixed with it, the color adds a note of warmth to a room and brings the outside in. The overall look is a sense of tranquility yet still lively” – Jo Ann Alston, of J. Stephens Interiors.

Deep Blue

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

“In 2017, people are embracing color, and a deep blue is an easy choice because it’s practically a neutral” – Caroline Kopp, of Caroline Kopp Interior. The designers love rich blue-greens, and the deep saturation of this vibrant hue grounds the bright tones in the room and adds a graphic backdrop to the accessories and toys.

Saffron Yellow

8 Must-Use Paint Colors for 2017

“The popularity of dark blue and gray walls of the past few years has opened the door to a wide array of saturated colors for 2017. Saffron is a color that brings enormous warmth and richness to a room and evokes a sense of exoticism and mystery – Elizabeth Vallino, of Elizabeth Vallino Interiors.

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