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An Eclectic Interior Design in India By KDD.Studio

The difference between something good and something great is the attention to…

Summer Trends 2020 – Yellow Rugs to Bright Up the Living Room

Summer Trends 2020 – Yellow Rugs to Bright Up the Living Room ⇒ Yellow is…

Get a Bedroom Decor Inspired by Fiona Barratt

Get a Bedroom Decor Inspired by Fiona Barratt ⇒ Fiona Barratt makes the perfect match… ...


Room Décor Ideas emerged as a blog exploration of design ideas and inspirations to create the perfect space, where all the elements fall into place in timeless beauty. The word “home” originates from the Old Norse word “heim”, describing a state of being as well as a physical state, retrospectively knowing that much of what comforts our senses, comforts our being. Your home is a reflection of your moods, thoughts and desires. Let Room Décor Ideas inspire your natural creativity with articles by interior design professionals that will serve as your guide into creating a home full of personal harmony and balance.

Room Decor Ideas Inspirations

Room Décor Ideas is inspired by all things design. From emerging trends to timeless interiors, we search worldwide for design inspirations to create a catalog of ideas encompassing all elements of design. (add something) Let us be your muse and guide through your design journey, whether it be creating a hallway to an entire home.

Love Happens Blog is a luxury trendy blog deliberately created for sophisticated women and design lovers. Written in the first person by KOKET’s Founder and Creative Director Janet Morais and her gorgeous team, Love Happens represents the intimate and personal KOKET´s voice. Through stories, news and reports within the themes that most occupy the women minds, their innermost desires needs and wants in a mature, sensual and feminine writhing style we try to catch up their hearts.

Daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission which is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces. The innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in the Guilty Pleasures & Exotic Opulence Collections. Composed of dramatic case goods, luscious upholstery, exquisite lighting and decadent furs; all of which will mesmerize with their magical mineral medley, lux metallics, vibrant jewel tones and exotic peacock feathers.