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Amie Weitzman, one of America’s Best Interior Designers


Amie Weitzman, one of America’s Best Interior Designers ⇒ Amie Weitzman is an incredibly talented designer that shares a design professional experience for over 20 years.  The designer was once the fashion and textile designer for Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud, so she has already and amazing journey through this competitive industry. Today, Los Angeles Homes unveils the projects of this amazing designer and her concept.


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Meet Amie Weitzman, a talented American interior designer that has been revolutionizing the design industry, through her incredible projects. Her past professional journey was through the work with designer Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud. Her work with clean lines and chic classicism during her collaborations with those designers were a major inspiration for her future endeavours in interior design.



Those incredible influences are reflected on Amie Weitzman‘s projects, through the use of high-end furniture and classic tones. Those same crucial elements stand as mesmerizing additions to every project that the designer creates. As you can see on this image, grey and blue and important colours that establish both luxury and class throughout the room.



Amie Weitzman is very requested on her interior design, due to her expertise and experience on this area, as well as the opportunity of a original thought, to explore around the house concept. As you can see, this project shares a set of upholstered velvet furniture, that perfectly embodies the classic and luxurious definition.



In this particular room, there’s a touch of modern and playful furniture around it, with the use of live colors such as this orange, that’s almost neon. This perfectly contrasts with the grey, and darker colors that are established, around this amazing living room. This is a urban and contemporary setting, that completes a bohemian home décor.



But, besides the playful and bohemian home décor, there’s also space for the most classic and exquisite styling. In this project, there’s luxurious pieces of furniture, that focuses on one range of colors, that is the grey color. This color translates onto a modern, yet minimalistic style. These projects are definitely what makes Amie Weitzman an incredible and requested designer.


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