Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017


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Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017


Written by Amilcar Neves

The most popular fabric trends for 2017 in home interiors are featured right here today! From vibrant, bold, and daring designer fabrics to cozy and warm velvet fabric, home interiors trends are ever evolving. The truth is interior designers are often playing with a variety of upholstery fabric and curtain fabric to create a desired look.

Since the home decor fabric is one of the first things that catch the eyes of designers, Vogue Australia spoke with the fabric experts Tom and Cam Warwick from Warwick Fabrics Australia about the trends they have seen over the past 50 years and, of course, what to expect the year ahead. So, let’s take a look at the which are the TOP Interior Design Ideas to add a splash of color and/or texture to a space to accent specific pieces.

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017 neutral colors

One of the biggest trends in fabrics and wallpapers seen currently it’s all about texture. “Natural fibres and natural textures are playing a significant role in contemporary interiors”, specially when we talk about plain fabrics.

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017 silky velvet by koket

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017 color palette velvet collection

Of course, as Room Decor Ideas has been reported, velvet is a trend right now. Printed velvet is everywhere in big bold statement prints on statement pieces from modern geometrics to romantic floral designs are showing across the all sectors of the interior markets.

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017

When we talk about the colors, the designers select two hues: “deep frost green and Inky Blue are colours that continue to gain momentum and we pick they will continue to dominate in 2017”. Both of these colours naturally pair with key interior finishes in rustic wood, tan leather, brass and linen. Pattern and colour are back for sure!

Be Inspired with this Fabric Trends for 2017 neutrals

And what about the trends we expect to see emerge and evolve in 2017? In Cam Warrick opinion, terracotta is going to be a strong colour and material choice for 2017. Let’s keep in mind that this colour and material works well with the relaxed ethnic desert theme that is coming through. The 70’s styles are also popping up, which plays in perfectly with the big and bold trends seen in colour and design.

Interior design trends suggests that we’ll have more rustic less minimal home interiors. Actually people are looking for more warmth in their rooms, adding more unique and artisanal design pieces to the interior decoration. Mixing older pieces of furniture to your room decor provides a unique personality and more exquisite home.

Be inspired by these wonderful fabric trends for the upcoming season!

Home Decor Trend: Velvet Fabric

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See the full article here: Vogue Australia.

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