Best Design Guide to Hang Curtains


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Best Design Guide to Hang Curtains


Title: Best Design Guide to Hang Curtains

“From Curtain Fabric to Hardware, Window Treatments are the Perfect Opportunity to define one’s style” In the eyes of the designer, the perfect accent to any room are curtains and drapes. One of the most common design questions on Google is, “How to hang curtains?” Interior Designers are creating a must-have design guide for home decor! Designers must consider the length and width of the window curtains, the proper installment of the curtain rods, and the type of window the client has. Tackle the problem of hanging curtains by learning designers must -do’s and definitely don’ts!


best design guide to hang curtains
The right Drapery Fabric is the finishing touch to any room. Zinc Textiles have designed a curtain fabric collection, Andromeda, that consists of an abstract silk, soft velvet fabric, as well as a palette of metallics, perfect for home decor!


best design guide to hang curtains
DESIGN GUIDE: TRANSOM WINDOWS Everyone could use a refresher on how to hang curtains! Always think about the styles of curtain rods, curtain fabric, as well as the design type of the windows.


best design guide to hang curtains
Designers are defining windows by adding texture and detail. Anna Wilson Interiors have worked with KOKET’s Gia Chandelier and Vamp Sofa to complement the sheer curtains for this space to draw the eyes up. This is making the space look bigger!


best design guide to hang curtains
Sahco has immaculate taste, fascination, and quality when it comes to designing curtains and drapes. A properly installed curtain can make or break a room. When working with drapery fabric, one must consider the length and width of the fabric due to how big of an impact they make on the room!


best design guide to hang curtains
Curtains and Drapes are jewelry of a room! The Samarkand drapery fabric by KOKET, creates a look of exclusivity and definition of luxury. In order to make the room feel taller, one should hand the curtain rods at the ceiling to make the room feel taller.


best design guide to hang curtains
House Beautiful Magazine has emphasized that window curtains are the main event, but hardware is important too! Interior Designers have 3 tips: Measure, Hang, & Accessorize when working inside of home decor!


best design guide to hang curtains
Bay Windows can be complicated, but get a good wall anchor for the curtain rods! Hang the top of the curtain fabric against the bottom of the rod! Number one tip: MAKE SURE THE ROD IS STRAIGHT AND LEVEL!


best design guide to hang curtains
Photographing the “A-List Looks” is what Elle Decor does best! Home Decor is all about the decorative curtain rods, bold patterns, and an emphasis on the colors! Measure the windows and make adjustments if need be, to make the space look perfect.

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