Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor


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Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor


Title: Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor

Welcome to the World of the Most Unique, Style Creations of Exuberant Patterns and Cultural Inspirations by Christian Lacroix. Christian Lacroix Maison is a French, Fashion Brand that has created the #1 Home Collection of Interior Design Trends for Home Decor. These include luscious fabrics, amazing sofa cushions, as well as a strikingly, beautiful wallpaper design. Christian Lacroix’s 2016 Art de Vivre Collection is irresistible and unstoppable. This collection has been inspired by the French Revolution seen in magnificent interior design ideas. These vivid patterns and bold prints are making this French brand being on TOP for Home Trends. Christian Lacroix and his Home Collection are making the buyers come back for more! With resounding success, these interior design trends are seen within top interior design firms to celebrity homes worldwide.

Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor
Christian Lacroix’s: Incroyables et Merveilleuses brings home decor to the next level. The wallpaper design has a different look, turning heads for more curiosity of innovation between the fashion and interior design worlds! With an unexpected, black background wallpaper design, the graphics popping off of the walls!


Christian Lacroix designs for home decor
Designed by KOKET, this butterfly decor is an innovative, wall covering design with an eclectic, geometric pattern.


Christian Lacroix designs for home decor
With determination of Christian Lacroix‘s unique vision, these L’le Aux Merveilles Aurore Sofa Cushions are an innovated blend of modern, floral prints, and a cloud like pattern! The French Revolution is such an inspiring aspect for this Art de Vivre Collection.


Christian Lacroix designs for home decor
Within the Home Collection of the Lacroix’s, there is such an extravagant spirit that makes home decor that much more aesthetically pleasing. Everything is so much prettier in print! Don’t you think?


Christian Lacroix designs for home decor
This wallpaper design by KOKET is such an unique way to display butterfly decor. This kind of digital art is an exclusive showcase only offered at the most elite interior design firms.


Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor
Christian Lacroix is watching the most, up-to-date Interior Design Trends and matching them perfectly! Anything from Jacquard Waves to Cotton Embroideries are suitable for the curtains and upholstery by Christian Lacroix!


Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor
Two Words: French Revolution for Interior Design Ideas! The cloud-like, pattern printed in fluorescent colors is representing liberty & freedom known as “The Wind of Liberty.” Home Trends for 2016 are culturally inspired inside and out!


Christian Lacroix designs for Home Decor
Electrifying the Fashion World for home decor, Christian Lacroix‘s print is inspired by Chateau Malmaison. This bold and audacious design with a black, striped background is known for its softness and feminity of design! Home Trends are showing that this radiating, digital print is creating an unstoppable look for home interiors.


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