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Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino


Peter Marino is one of the biggest references when we talk about elegant home interiors. Besides his edgy design, the interior designer is a master in creating superb room decoration in any space into a home. So, today, Room Decor Ideas selected the most Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino so you can get a stunning room design!


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

When the hallway is an open space like this one, you can copy this room decoration by Peter Marino and create a center piece with flowers. The antique style vase gives the space a classic design and the accent chairs reinforce this eclectic style, while also offer comfort!


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

In a entryway like this one, there’s nothing better to create a classy and elegant entrance than to place a round center table with some decorative items. Then, a bold chandelier on the top will complete this room decoration full of glamour!



Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes a room design doesn’t need any furniture piece or decorative item. And this is what happens in this stunning staircase – Peter Marino choose the most exclusive materials and they create the entire atmosphere of elegance that this space needs.


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes the best option is to keep it simple and, if your hallway is a small space, a room decoration like this is the perfect option for you. A simple bench and a modern painting is all Peter Marino used to give style to this hallway.


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

On a large hallway, a cabinet can give style and make the space feel less empty. But the best part is that you can use this furniture piece to storage things and nobody will see it. Pratical and very stylish!


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

On a large hallway, like this one, you can use the walls as an art exhibition: place several paintings on the walls and create a contrast leaving one of the walls empty and placing there a console with a sculpture on the top!



Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes, a hallway can be a space with low light and this is always a problem because light is essential to create an elegant room decoration. Well, Peter Marino solve this problem with several pendants all across the hallway.


Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

If you like a classic room decoration, where the spaces seems to be from a palace, this kind of hallway is perfect for you. Peter Marino took advantage of the gorgeous staircase and used only a statue and a round sofa to get a romantic and eclectic room decoration!



Eclectic Hallway Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes, all that a space needs to get that stunning and beautiful room decoration is a statement piece. This red wall hallway has already a strong and bold design and so, a single chair is all that it needs to be completed.


With a bold or a more classical room decoration, these hallway designs are such a great inspiration for you to receive your guests with a luxury interior design and style. Peter Marino knows how to combine different elements and furniture pieces and the result is always a space full of glamour and elegance?


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