Pinterest Home Trends we are Loving Right Now


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Pinterest Home Trends we are Loving Right Now


These days, Pinterest Home Trends is just as important a design tool as a measuring tape, pinterest became a place of wild and wonderful where home decor dreams are made

Pinterest data shows a variety of multifunctional decor ideas gaining popularity. Looking through the endless scroll of decoration ideas can be exhausting, so room decor ideas narrow down the latest trending Pinterest Home decor accounts so you can get inspired with the best trends for this 2017 summer.

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends


We can’t talk about  2017 trends without talking about Hygge. while it has no literal translation in English, the Danish use the term to describe the cheery feelings of warmth, coziness, and comfort (similar to our traditional holiday spirit) they try to create at home to combat the gloominess in every season. Pinterest has found that people are more drawn to cozy, warm hues and materials lately.

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends

Round Mirrors

For pinners, circular designs feel fresh and new compared with their rectangular counterparts. Ever have that what the hell do I do with this space moment?For the awkward space that just doesn’t seem to come together easily and you can’t pinpoint what’s missing the solution is definitely adding a round mirror!

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends

Alternative Storage

Nowadays no space it’s not a problem and is increasingly more stunning solutions and unexpected containers baskets, luggage, vintage trunks or even cabinets.

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends

Vertical Bars 

If you love concocting new drinks for friends and entertaining in your home, then creating a home bar should be next on your to-do list. But When there’s no floor space for a traditional bar cart, pinners are eager to find wall solutions to store their party essentials and a hidden bar within a dining room wall it’s the perfect solution.

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends

Wallpaper in the Bad

One of the best trends for home decor is Wallpaper, the boldest the best. When we were wondering if wallpaper in the bath was the next big thing, pinners were right there with us. Pinterest reports that people are especially interested in removable styles for a quick update.

pinterest home trends

pinterest home trends

Faux Finished

Faux finishes have recently become a very popular interior decoration trend and when it comes to temporary design solutions, rental dwellers are gravitating towards faux wall coverings like stick-on subway tiles. From faux marble to faux silk painted ceilings, you have so many techniques and varieties available that there is one suitable for just about every home and homeowner.


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