Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermés Store by Studio RDAI


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Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermés Store by Studio RDAI With over 9,000 sq. ft of retail space across three floors, the new flagship is designed and created by French agency RDAI under the lead of Denis Montel, who oversees the artistic direction of Hermès boutiques worldwide. The French powerhouse heavily investing in the Asian market as it is nowadays probably fashion’s most important hub. With this new flagship, Hong Kong alone has now 3 Hermès stores, a proof of the ever-growing popularity of the fashion powerhouse.


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Long-renowned for elegant interiors their experience and creativity allows them to embrace every aspect of design from the city to the chair, the place to the object. From the intimate scale of the body and the carefully crafted interior to the urban scale of the street, their architecture is always unique, a response to the context and a conjuring of atmosphere, flow and light.


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


RDAI’s legacy stretches back to the firm’s founding in 1972 by the much-admired interior designer, Rena Dumas. Rooted in the elegant architecture of Paris, RDAI’s heritage of interiors, sited in the world’s most luxurious shopping streets, became design laboratories for the incubation of ideas. Now directed by Denis Montel the practice has brought its experience to bear on a global architecture addressing every conceivable scale.


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


The design team, led by Denis Montel, created an architectural project influenced by the main lines of the local architecture. The modern style of the building highlights the copper-coloured anodized aluminium façade that shows the rhythm and verticality of bamboo as a material.


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


The interior decoration was based on materials like lacquered wood, leather, stucco, marble, and woven metal and on a palette of warm colours. The spaces are subdivided by some champagne-coloured woven metal pieces. On the floor, we have two different textures, mosaic on the ground floor and bamboo parquet on the rest of the places. However, you can still find some floor rugs, covered in the pattern of bamboo fibres, in certain spots of the shop.


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


To bring in even more light, the corner of the building has been hollowed out at both ground floor and mezzanine level (the first floor). This hollow space captures and diffuses the light. On the upper level, it gives way to a balcony from which the city, its skyscrapers and its double-decker tram can be admired. The extensive use of glass on both façades suffuses the store with golden light. Filtered by a forest of bamboo in the heart of the urban jungle, it allows a sophisticated nature to regain its rights and powers.e


Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI Hong Kong Welcomes New Hermès Store by Studio RDAI


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