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Hotel Design: Get Inside the New Ritz Paris


After a multimillion-dollar makeover, the iconic Ritz Paris Hotel reopened and the redecoration couldn’t be more successful. With a supreme luxury interior design created by the French architect Thierry W. Despont, the new hotel design keeps the elegance and classic decoration that it is known for. Room Decor Ideas open you door so you can Get Inside the New Ritz Paris and be inspired by the luxury hotel design!

by Janet Morais


Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Enter inside a Ritz Hotel is always the guarantee of the ultimate luxury experience. These leading hotels of the world are a full package of the most iconic architecture with a stunning room decoration that can make anyone feel welcoming.


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Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Since the first step inside Ritz Hotel Paris you can feel the luxury interior design atmosphere. The details are everywhere on the stunning room decoration. On the hallway, Thierry W. Despont placed several accent chairs in blue velvet and gold side tables with a gold table lamp on the top. This color scheme in blue and gold creates such a luxury room design!



Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Inside the hotel suites, the decoration can leave anyone mesmerize. The architectural detail are in every single corner of the rooms. On the seating area, there are a white center table with gold details and a couple of yellow chairs. The fireplace with an beautiful design is another incredible detail on the room decoration.


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Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Enter inside a bedroom in Ritz Hotel Paris is like get inside a sleep oasis. The white and neutral tones create a welcoming atmosphere perfect to relax and the end of the day.


Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

On a different room of the luxury suites, there are a wood desk with a white chair. This room decoration keeps the neutal tones of the bedroom suite, but Thierry W. Despont add some furniture in dark wood to create a contrast.


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Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Each suite has a private bathroom. The room decoration of this space seems to be created for the perfect relaxing time. Right next to the bathtub, there are a side table with gold structure, the perfect support piece for a luxury bathroom design.


Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

Thierry W. Despont created this hotel design full of stunning details. On the bathrooms, the gold water taps are in the shape of swans. What an incredible decorative detail to complete the luxury interior design!


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Room Decor Ideas Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris Leading Hotels of the World Ritz Paris Luxury Interior Design 11

Another important renovation was the suite Chanel on this hotel. This luxury suite was moved from the third to the second floor and has now an Art Deco inspiration, with a luxury interior design.


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Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

This seating area is such a great inspiration for your next projects. We can totally imagine this space on a luxury Paris apartment! A desk and a chair share the space with a beautiful seating are with a brown velvet sofa.



Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

The dining area of Ritz Hotel Paris seems to be taken from the most glamorous and luxurious French palaces! Thierry W. Despont placed several round dining tables and, as seating pieces, there are love seats and two upholstery dining chairs.


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Hotel Design Get Inside the New Ritz Paris

And, at last, the Hemingway bar. The French architect created this bar design that reminds the old gentlemen’s clubs. The luxury interior design is combined with a discrete atmosphere, perfect for a drink after dinner.


The new Ritz Hotel in Paris is the perfect inspiration for your next hospitality project. The French architect Thierry W. Despont created the entire hotel design keeping the iconic glamour of this hotel, but also gave it his personal touch. This is one of the leading hotels of the world with a luxury interior design that is also very welcoming!

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