How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II


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How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces – Part II


Room Décor Ideas knows that we can say that Vintage Pieces is the New Black. Both fashion and interior design world seem to get inspired by vintage to create a new trendy design. But Room Décor Ideas also knows that sometimes isn’t easy to know how to use vintage design pieces in a room decoration. We have some room design tips that will help you to get a fabulous room design at your home with a vintage touch. We’ve already shown you some on Part I, but here is Part II!

Home Office – As you may know, we at Room Décor Ideas think that the home office should always combine several aspects in the room design: comfort, elegance and, of course, a room decoration that can keep you focus in the work. The following office designs have both qualities and are a great example to follow!

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

Room Décor Ideas knows that sometimes an office needs that wow touch. And you can use a vintage piece to get that touch on the room design. This chandelier combines the best of modern and vintage and give the office an elegant and curated room design.

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

Vintage is all about patterns and one way that Room Décor Ideas loves to use patterns is in beautiful wallpaper. This office design has that vintage touch with a lot of elegance and yet with modern room decoration.


Dining Room – The dining room is, for Room Décor Ideas, one of the easiest rooms to get that vintage touch in the room decoration. It’s quite simple: a single dining chair or even the dining table can be the centerpiece with a vintage style in a dining room with a modern room decoration.

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

In this dining room, the dining chairs with a vintage design are combined with a modern room decoration. Room Décor Ideas loves how even the floor can combine the best of both worlds!

Hallway – Sometimes the hallway are a room that is unimproved on home interiors. But we think that the hallway is an excelente space to get an incredible room decoration and surprise your guests with a wow room design. And we have has two examples with vintage pieces that can help you and give you great room ideas:

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

Sometimes a wall doesn’t need to have a perfect painting. Give a rustic touch to the room decoration with a wall with a rustic and vintage painting just like in this hallway that Room Decor Ideas showed you!

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

A chandelier is, for Room Décor Ideas an excellent idea of a vintage piece to include on a modern room decoration. In this hallway, the chandelier with a vintage design combined perfectly with the modern room design around it.

Kitchen – Vintage room decoration on the kitchen is very trendy right now. Room Decor Ideas already show you some great examples with country kitchen ideas. Below, there is another curated room decoration that you can copy and use to create your own modern kitchen with a vintage touch.

How to Decorate with Vintage Pieces - Part II

Wood furniture is a great way to get a more vintage look to the room decoration of a kitchen. Room Décor Ideas loves the chandelier and the details on the wall and thinks that you can use your creativity and copy some DIY Ideas that can improve the room design of your kitchen.


With this room ideas, Room Décor Ideas thinks that you have some inspirations to change the room decoration of the entire home and combine the best of modern design with a vintage touch. This is an incredible way to improve and give an update to your room design!

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