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How to maximise space in a bathroom


How to maximise space in a bathroom – The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house but one of the most used. It’s important to make sure you make the most of the space you do have by installing useful storage solutions, clever design tricks and banishing unwanted clutter, these all are tricks to know how to maximise space in a bathroom.

Space saving fixtures and fittings are also available to make your small bathroom seem bigger than it really is. Check this  bathroom decorating ideas.

Consider a neutral colour scheme –
Open out the room using light, neutral or pastel colours on your walls, floor and ceiling. If you find monochrome boring, try playing with textures and finishes. Dark shades or hectic patterns shrink any room and should be avoided when decorating as they overpower and contract the space, and in a small room can create a look of disorder. If you’re desperate to add colour, use towels and other accessories to introduce a splash here and there. Vertical lines give the illusion of height and horizontal do the same for width, so do consider this when choosing furniture, or wallpaper, and deciding which way to place tiles.


How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom 734e9817cbcf6eea68a5f5f0ddf27dc5
Bathroom Decoration Ideas – Photo #1

Solar power
Natural light is your best ally in creating that spacious, airy look that will expand even the tiniest bathroom. So if you have a window or skylight in the room make the most of it. A mirror opposite or close to your window will help maximise the sunlight. But don’t install lots of mirrors in desperation to add extra depth to the room as it can look overwhelming and even a bit eerie if mirrors are placed on opposite walls. Instead use shiny reflective tiles and fixtures to flood the space with as much light as possible.

Go deep
When every inch is at a premium you don’t want a long bathtub sprawling across the floor. You can get a good soak in a smaller space by installing a shorter, but deeper tub. Remember you have a small bathroom. If this is your only bathroom, install your shower over the bath and be sure to have a clear glass screen or transparent shower curtain so you’re not closing off any of the space.


How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom Entrance of Modern Bathroom
Bathroom Decoration Ideas – Photo #2


How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom How to maximise space in a bathroom 6 Designer bathroom basin
Bathroom Decoration Ideas – Photo #3


For more room decor ideas we share you other bathroom design ideas  and bathroom remodel ideas. What about our tricks to how to maximise space in a bathroom.

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