Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger


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Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger


Do you have a small bathroom and is looking for some decoration ideas to make it bigger? Choose the right home furniture is not easy, and choose it for a small bathroom seems even more complicated. Which bathroom mirror is better? How do I choose the wall sconce? Is there any bathroom sets that fits better in a small bathroom? Can I use a round rug in my bathroom? Will be possible to have a bathtub? It is possible have style at home even if I have a small bathroom?

These are some questions that haunt us during interior decorating… That’s why we will give you some tips to help you to make your bathroom looks bigger.


#1 – Pay attention to the choose of colors

Do not mix too much the colors, keep uniform shades. If you want some contrast, bet on one object to stand out as a feature, like a low cabinet, or a light fixture or just a colored band like on this example below.

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger

#2 –Paint the ceiling and walls with the same color

Especially if your bathroom doesn’t have regular shape. This resource will give uniformity to the ambience, making it looks bigger. If you don’t like to have the ceiling with the same color of the wall, you can paint it a little bit clear than the walls, it will give the same effect!

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger

#3 – Blend the tile color and wall color

If you blend the tile to the wall you will double the space in your small bathroom. This resource will make that the shower area looks a complement of the bathroom, and will not appear that it has a separation.

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger

#4 – Bet on big mirrors

Everybody knows that a big mirror makes the difference. And if you put a mirror that reaches to the ceiling in your bathroom it will make it feel grander. Don’t forget to put the right lighting on top of it or hanging in front of it, it will help to emphasize the role of the mirror.

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger

#5 – Use clear glass in your shower

Like was said before, you need to do your best to not put any barriers on the bathroom, so if you put a textured glass in your shower for sure that you will have more privacy, but it will look like one more wall, making your bathroom looks smaller.

Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger



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