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Interior Design Inspirations – The Perfect Decor For Your Bedroom


Interior Design Inspirations – The Perfect Decor For Your Bedroom ⇒ Where do you find the Best Bedroom Ideas? Great Bedroom Ideas are rare to find. When you try to find inspirations to give a fresh look to your house you often get several ideas and not much of real inspiration.  The best strategy to have is to find the bedroom sets of the best interior designers. Here, in this article, you will find the result of our research of the best Bedroom Ideas and the most inspiring sets to make you start the changes you want in your house.





Sophia bed, by Essential Home, is a mid-century style, with bonded velvet on the headboard and footboard, perfect for any bedroom. Expertly stitched from the top to the bottom and accented with tufted brass buttons on both sides, proving the high-quality of this stunning piece.

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The lux and bodacious Kelly Bed, by Koket, is the impersonation of the cool girl sipping Cosmos in the dark corner of a chic NYC lounge. Her fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuous pleated waves of supple velvet upholstery fabric. You’ll be dying to get up close and personal with her fully upholstered body.

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ts cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make the Cloud Bed, by Circu whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. Every detail was made thinking about the comfort and well being of children. Bedtime stories and magical dreams are a certainty in this piece. With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.

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Namib desert is one of the largest deserts in the world and NAMIB Bonnet Chair, by Brabbu pays tribute to it. This powerful accent chair is upholstered in satin cotton and has legs in high gloss black lacquered, embodying an invigorating strength. It’s the perfect twist on a classic piece that will transform any living room set.

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As a tribute to Dorothy Draper‘s high style, we took the classic Drapesse Armchair and added a bit of the KOKET lavish & sensuous edge. Complete with a flirty new makeover, her exterior is adorned with our watercolour Terra leather transitioning to a pale pink velvet interior and resting on curvy polished brass legs.

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An accent chair that could easily be considered a piece of futuristic furniture, Reeves Armchair by Essential Home has an edgy-and stylish design. The chair-back and legs are made of a tubular brass structure, simulating a crescent bow on the back.

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Inspired by the seductive movements of the iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe, this crescent accent chair by Essential Home is an elegant and retro-chic piece of furniture inspired in the 60’s design legacy. It is fully upholstered in velvet and has a brass trim on the base. An enchanting piece fit for glamorous interiors.

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Wall Mirrors



Colosseum Wall Mirror by Maison Valentina is a rounded oblong mirror inspired in the most iconic buildings from Ancient Rome, because of its massive size and concentric shape. It features a frame produced in polished brass accented by an LED strip around the whole body.

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Inspired by the mirror of the wicked witch of Snow White, this kids’ mirror by Circu is also magical! “Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” is one of the most remarkable quotes of the Disney universe and an inspiration for this item. The Magical Mirror is the perfect wall mirror to give your little majesty’s room a charming decor. This unique item appears as a normal mirror but, with magic it turns into a movie screen, due to the 22’’ TV inside.

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Through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, the Venice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye. Hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan who has passion for glasswork goes back as far as his childhood, the Venice represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.

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Coolors Collection Boca do Lobo


Ceiling Lamps



Draycott Tower was the reason to create the Draycott Pendant Lamp, by Luxxu. Its structure has 3 tubes like the original inspiration made in brass and crystal glass. Transmitting elegance and purity to every space, the reception or lobby areas can be a perfect place for this gorgeous masterpiece.

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Like a precious treasure, this noble and elegant pendant by Luxxu is an exceptional decorative element with a discrete size of the Empire`s family, which gets even more beautiful when lights up. Inspired by the Empire State Building created with brass and crystal glass, finished with gold plated, ideal to use with more than one piece.

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Duke Pendant Lamp boasts a heavy nostalgic 70s groove vibe. Inspired by the simplicity of the 1970s, DelightFULL’s designers were able to create an iconic modern ceiling light that suits the most demanding setting. Produced in Portugal, it is handmade in brass and aluminium. The body, made of brass, has both a matte black and a gold-plated finish, while the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside. The inside is matte white, but it can also have a gold powder paint finish. It is a stunning bedroom ceiling light, but this large ceiling light can also be considered for other settings, such as a mid-century modern living room.

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Like a savage beauty, this piece brings the powerful evocation of the sublime. This design by Luxxu was created and having in mind various spaces. Perfect for use as a single piece or in harmony with more than one element in the same area in the dining room, this flowing piece creates a boast and dainty ambiance. Its lush presentation gained inspiration in Alexander Mcqueen creations, each sheet is forged his identity in brass working and gold-plated giving a set of rhythmic luminous branches ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals.

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In a cubist language, Mira, by Rug’Society is the representation of Cleopatra, where life emerges in the form of colour, taking us on a journey through the communion of cultures and style. This rug, hand-tufted in botanical silk and mohair, deconstructs classic concepts with solid and simple plans, representing the influence of history in contemporary design.

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Heron Rug, by Rug’Society, was inspired in the elegance and grace of the species with the same name. Its design features different heights of hand-tufted botanical silk, giving the rug a three-dimensional feel that makes it stand out in every room.

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This lounge version of Kleopatra rug is the first lounge rug created by RUG’SOCIETY. Its sky blue and pale mustard tones, its perfect shape for any lounge and its fringes make it a must-have tapestry piece.

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Table Lamps



Amy vintage table lamp is a lighting design inspired by one of the greatest British singers and songwriters of all times. With a glossy black lampshade that resembles her iconic hair and a small brass detail that reminds us of her golden earring, DelightFULL was able to create an unforgettable reading light perfect for any music aficionado. 100% handmade in Portugal, with a gold-plated finish and a glossy black coat applied to the body, this small brass lamp is perfect for a vintage bedroom, or a retro home office.

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Turner art deco table lamp was inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer. Turner is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminium. The body has a gold plated finish, while the shade was lacquered a black matte on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside, so as not to create an uncomfortable glaze for the user. Its five movable arcs can be rotated into the desired position, which gives this black table lamp a sense of fun and allows you to create the best composition to fit your modern home decor. A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of your house, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living room.

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Billy is a mid-century modern table lamp with all the sophistication of iconic lighting design. This task lamp is one of DelightFULL’s most versatile pieces. With an extendable arm, it can reach almost 24’’, making it the perfect reading lamp, very easy to adjust. Its body and shade are handmade in brass and aluminium. The black table lamp also features a gold-plated finish and a black textile wire, which can all be customized to fit your decor needs. The perfect study table lamp, this is definitely the lighting fixture you will want in your modern home office.

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