Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


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Interior Design Trends 2019 – The Living Room Decor You Need


Interior Design Trends 2019 – The Living Room Decor You Need ⇒ Today we delved into the world of living room design so that we could bring you some of the most beautiful living room styles ever developed. As we cannot speak of great interior design, without mentioning a few equally great interior designers, most of these designs have been conceived by some of our top favourite interior design icons –  Jean Louis DeniotKelly HoppenPeter Marino and Hirsch Bedner Associates


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1. French Chic


Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


Jean Louis Deniot is one of the best interior designers out there and his famous for his iconic design style that features varied materials and textures combined with mostly light colour palettes that include muted tones.

The result is what you can see in the above living room design; a room filled with visual harmony that bridges classical terminology with contemporary aesthetics and overflowing with immaculate lighting in a serene and elegant atmosphere.

We are particularly obsessed with this Paris Avenue Montaigne living room design which showcases a multiplicity of layers; going from sophisticated furniture, a mixture of nude patterns, textures, materials and pieces from different periods, which are all combined in his usual hyper ‘chic’ way.

His design aesthetic includes lots of timeless interiors that come from several style inspirations and influences. As a great interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot is known for incorporating his iconic style in any room he designs, while always adapting his own decor approach to his clients’ needs and preferences.


2. Bold Luxury


Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


This type of living room design is not for everyone but will please many. It’s bold, vibrant, rich, and filled with Hirsch Bedner Associates interior design knowledge.

As the creators of various show flats and marketing Suites, their approach to interior design is always highly details oriented. Their spatial planning, colour psychology and accessory selection is immaculate, and a big reason why we couldn’t choose this design as one of our top favourites of the moment.

The picture above is a living room designed by them for the Altamount Residence in MUMBAI (India). As you can see, it features bold colours, rich fabrics as well as noble materials. Architectural lighting also plays an important role in enhancing and complementing the layered experience throughout the living room. If you are wondering about the two gold bright centrepieces, they are both Eden centre tables designed by Boca do Lobo

What was their inspiration for this project? – The multilayered urbanity, as well as the culture of Mumbai, were at the top of the list.


3. Eclectic


Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


Peter Marino is, much like his interior design projects, star-like. This eclectic looking living room is a complete standout not only because of the location of the property where it is inserted – Star Island – but especially, for the multiplicity of layers, colours, and design influences, that seamlessly he was able to blend together.

How does he do it all? His artful talent and exquisite craft are to blame here and are also part of the reason why his undeniable connection to art, can be seen in everything he does, including this leaving room. In fact, Peter Marino is an avid art collector and it’s very interesting to see how that is transported to his work.

In this particular living room design concept, Peter Marino worked with the owners’ Asian sculptures and paintings by Léger, Miró, Kiefer, and Prince, but was also able to commission pieces including Lalanne furnishings.

In the end, everything came to together as an eclectic, inspiring, and bold design experience.


4. Urban Elegance


Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


This beautiful living room design concept has been created by Brabbu – a design brand that reflects an intense way of living; bringing fierceness, strength and power into our everyday urban lifestyle.

Counting with a wide range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting and rugs, Brabbu is able to create living room designs such as this one where the main focus is in creating a sensory design that provides any client with decor experience.

Brabbu also definitely stands out by their constant creation of design pieces that are filled with personality, and with highly innovative techniques as well as prime quality materials. – When choosing Brabbu we are actually choosing; comfort, functionality and style.

The secret to their outstanding quality is not only due to their choice of materials and techniques but also due to their incredible craftsmanship.

BRABBU is present at the world’s most renowned design events with new versatile design products for eclectic environments that foresee the next trends. Handcraft in Europe and sold worldwide, they take part in some of the most remarkable, high-end residential and hospitality projects throughout the world.


5. Contemporary Glamour


Interior Design Trends 2019 - The Living Room Decor You Need


If you don’t know who Kelly Hoppen is, then there are two words that you should keep in mind when reading about her: contemporary and glamorous. – This is the best words to define her worldwide adored interior design style.

We chose this living room as one of the interior designs of the moment as we think it completely resonates visually with a wide range of people. Why? It is elegant, yet contemporary and even glamorous much like her signature style, and the reason why she is regarded as one of the best interior designers of our times.

In this specific living room design concept, the all-white family room – which includes the kitchen, and both dining and sitting areas – is decorated with contemporary furniture. We love it because it is highly functional, but also very comfortable, luxurious, and filled with beautiful light.


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