Best Home Decor Tips for Maximalist Interiors


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Maximalist Interiors the New Trend on Home Decor


Maximalism is not a new movement, you can see it on post-modern novels, also in music from the period from 1890 to 1914, and strongly in arts, strongly used by Neo-expressionism in the late 1970s. In the interior design world, it feels like there is an encouragement to a more dynamic, bold and personal style of home design and decor. If you are one of those who pays attention to the new trends you probably notice, long are the days when ‘less is more’, no18wadays the new trend is ‘more is more” and Maximalist Interiors is the new philosophy.

Whether your fancy bohemian, Victorian, vintage, or even retro you always can go max in your home decor. Here, are some of Room Decor Ideas favorite inspirations and tips for the best maximalist spaces that totally embrace the beautiful, cozy chaos that is maximalism.

Max Upholstery

Let sofas, rugs, and pillows dictate your space, you can go for the floral, animal or even tropical feel, and if you are the bold type, you can even mix all of them together, the main caution is the colors, just make sure they complement each other.

Max Texture 

Use to the max, hand-painted wallpapers they create layered landscapes and living spaces with an extra visual effect. Star with a focal point, and then play with chandeliers, floral arrangements or even rugs. Just see your room like a clean screen ready to be painted.

Maximalist Interiors

Maxi Art 

Like I’ve said in the beginning art is a grand represent of maximalist, so if you want to choose a lighter color pallet in your room, you can always look towards painting or accessories on your wall. Pastels are the main colors in a neutral room, so always keep in mind what color should you mixed together imagine your room like a bouquet of flowers in a landscape.

Maximalist Interiors

Maximalist Interiors

Playful DecorMax 

You can use beautiful antique pieces and give them a new breath and a new life into, you can also mix eras and different style, the main focused it’s to have fun and translate your personality into your room.

Maximalist Interiors

Maximalist Interiors

Paint Max

Color is the easiest way to instantly update a room, especially in a style where you can be so creative such as maximalist use vibrant layers of luxurious hues and bring life to an otherwise subtle space. Just pay attention if your room is too small if that’s the case you might use playful upholstery.

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