15 New York Rooms to Inspire you


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15 New York Rooms to Inspire you


15 New York Rooms to Inspire you – Room Decor Ideas loves how different cities worldwide have completely different room decoration. And the best part is that you can use these cities as inspiration to change and improve your own room decoration.

Room Decor Ideas already show you some Parisian living rooms that have some perfect room ideas that you can use to get an elegant and curated living room. And today, Room Decor Ideas will show you how to decorate as a real New Yorker!

Room Decor Ideas selected some exclusive rooms with a different room decoration that will inspire you and give excellent room ideas for your home. So, take a look at these 15 New York Rooms to Inspire You.

NY Living Rooms

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A little bit of heaven

For Room Decor Ideas, getting into this living room is almost like enter in a sky full of fluffy clouds. Everything looks extremely comfortable and the room decoration in dark shadows of blue makes the living room looks eclectic and elegant.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

Culture & Style

Golden tones are present in the entire decoration of this curated living room. Room Decor Ideas loves how the shelves with books give the space a more elegant room decoration, like the culture is present in almost every talks.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A warm welcoming

Room Decor Ideas knows the importance of the color scheme chosen for a room decoration. And this New York living room are able to transmit a warm welcoming at the first look. The yellow is the main color, but in the background wall, the contrast between red and the shadows of blue give an even warmer sensation and a freshness to the room decoration.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

Get into the Sky

There are colors that never go out of style, doesn’t matter the season, doesn’t matter the year. And use blue in a room decoration is, for Room Decor Ideas, a right bet. It’s impossible to go wrong with blue. This NY living room uses blue as main color, especially on the walls, but then, the neutral tones furniture pieces create a contrast that makes the living room look elegant.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A dream in white and neutrals

If you are looking for a way to create a room decoration that can combine elegance with maturity, white is the right color. This New York living room has huge windows that allow that the sunshine invade the entire room, which combines perfectly with the white walls. The rest of the room decoration, in neutral tones and with black details create a contrast that Room Decor Ideas thinks that is essential in every room design.


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NY Bedrooms

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A touch of red

When we are talking about create contrast, there’s no better color than red. Room Decor Ideas loves how the red details in the bedroom and on the bedlinen create the perfect contrast with the grey room decoration. And the art is present in the wall to improve the room decoration!

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A modern princess bed

Room Decor Ideas thinks that the design of the bed is very important to the bedroom decoration. This New York bedroom has a bed that seems to be copy from the most romantic fairy tales. And since almost the entire bedroom is in nude and brown, the white furniture pieces and bedlinen create a contrast and give light to the room decoration.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

The comfort zone

If Room Decor Ideas has to choose a bedroom design to be a model of comfort and style, this would be one of the options. This NY bedroom are able to transmit comfort at the first look. The special detail about it, that makes this bedroom a great example of room decoration is the bed headboard in aged wood. This is a nice touch in a very simple and white room design.


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NY Kitchens

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

Function & Style

New Yorkers seem to be people who like to have present in the room decoration the function of the space. This kitchen is all about simplicity of use. Everything’s is placed to allow a simple use without many complications. Everything’s practical, just like the room decoration: white surfaces and wood furniture – a simple and always right combination.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A touch of Nature in White

Room Decor Ideas loves how a plant or a flower can give a fresher look to the room decoration. And, in a city like New York, get a little bit of Nature inside your home seems to be an excellent idea to escape to the big city routine. This kitchen is all about white, which is just perfect to escape to the darkest days.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A pop of color

New Yorkers seems to know that a pop of color can give a totally different look to a room decoration. This kitchen could be just like other else, but the orange details make them an example of how to break the conventional room design. Room Decor Ideas thinks that the shelves with balls and mugs are an excellent room idea to be copy!


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NY Dining Rooms

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

The perfect place to socialize

Room Decor Ideas decide to include this New York dining room for a simple reason: the room decoration is perfect to socialize with guests. And this can be get in any dining room with a simple round dining table – this shape allow the discussion and the visual contact with every person. Another excellent detail of this dining room are the different design dining chairs – different chairs create a modern room decoration.

15 New York Rooms to Inspire you

A family dining room

This second dining room is a great example for a family home. One more time, the dining table has a round shape that, as Room Decor Ideas said in the previous dining room idea, promotes the dialogue between people. The sofa is another great idea that brings comfort to the lunch and dinner time.


Room Decor Ideas thinks that New York is an example of style. Both in fashion and in interior design. New York has excelent rooms that can be one of the best source of inspiration and room ideas for you to create a new room decoration at your home and improve your home’s style.


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