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Ovadia Design Group’s Amazing Upper East Side Flat


Let us explore one of the most impressive interior design projects completed in 2019 with the help with one of our partner brands LUXXU with one of the most impressive design studios in New York: the Ovadia Design Group. The project in question is the interiors of an old fashioned Upper East Side flat which was recently renovated by the award-winning architectural interior design company Ovadia Design Group. The main purpose of its revamping was to modernize the interiors while still retaining the old charm of the building.

Exquisite Lighting

This project was designed taking into consideration one particular desire of the couple, which was that they wanted a place that could easily and graciously entertain and so it certainly does. Both the living and dining areas exude contemporaneity to its finest notion. The dining room features a soft color scheme and a series of complementary patterns that are both harmonious and sophisticated. Suspended above the dining table is the Waterfall rectangular suspension by LUXXU, a lighting piece with gold-plated brass and ribbed crystal glass structure, that matches perfectly with the beige and white tones of the dining chairs and floor.

Contrary to the dining room, the living room design highlights more pops of colors, such as dark-toned blue in the modern sofa and gold in the unconventional coffee tables by Boca do Lobo. A unique rug with flower motifs also grants a unique touch and rounds up the interior design.

By the request of the couple, the kitchen area is a closed-off utility space decorated with lighter tones as well, a marbleized kitchen island and a minimalist lighting piece with a candle-like nature. Moreover, the bathroom design is one of the few places that breaks away from the neutral palette, and instead, a vibrant wallpaper in pink and gold tones adds a more feminine touch and modern elegance to the residence.

In regards to the master bedroom, the couple wanted a serene haven that would become the perfect getaway spot. What stands out the most is the furnishings outfitted by Christopher Guy, not to mention the creamy and earthy tones.As a whole, Ovadia Design Group had to face quite a few challenges, mainly due to the building being rather shaded. Consequently, they opted to introduce a series of lighting sources and soft color schemes in an effort to add brightness to the residence.

Hera Suspension Lamp

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