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Ptang Studio, The Royalty Inside Asian Interior Design


Ptang Studio, The Royalty Inside Asian Interior Design ⇒ Founded in 1997, PTang Studio Limited has developed a wide range of projects spanning from small scale residential to show flat designs, as well as large scale commercial works, such as corporate headquarters and movie launching functions. Their work can be admired all over the world – Hong Kong, China, Japan, UK – and their philosophy is to create spaces that bring clients the most comfortable atmosphere that includes all of their individual preferences. The studio’s goal is to always offer the highest quality while still developing a fresh and unique style that breaks the rules opening the horizon of design the visionary future. Their Asya Sales Gallery Design is the perfect example of all this.


Credits: PTANG Studio


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The studio’s philosophy is modest and getting to basics is what the designers believe in. They create spaces bringing out clients the most comfortable atmosphere by understanding their individual preferences.


Credits: PTANG Studio


Seeking for the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends existing boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is their aim.  The excellence and quality of work can be reflected in their well-deserved reputation established.


Credits: PTANG Studio


The company is organized around a series of teams, each of which is managed by an experienced designer.  We do believe our aggressive and energetic designers with professional experiences are able to provide the best services for our clients.


Credits: PTANG Studio


PTang Studio was also the winner of the first edition of the Covet International Awards, thanks to their project ‘ASYA Sales Gallery Design Concept’. Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, ‘Asya’ is a family orientated and a warm-hearted project which centres family ancestry in the root of its concept.


Credits: PTANG Studio


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