The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


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The 7 Best Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


The ISH 2019 water and energy design fair held in Frankfurt, took place last week and brought to us a completely new array of bathroom design trends. With more than 2,500 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors, this is the place to be whenever you want to see ahead of the curve ideas for the upcoming best luxury bathrooms.


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From March 11th-15th, Frankfurt welcomed the famous ISH fair which is the world’s leading trade fair for anything related to management of water or energy in buildings. That’s not all that the fair brings to the public though, as it also sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating, air-conditioning technology, and intelligent home systems.

Today we will be focusing more on the bathroom design side of the fair as we are sure that the trends featured in it will play a major role in the upcoming luxury bathroom set ups. There are styles for all tastes – from minimal lines to bolder colours – choosing one as your favourite really is the hard part!


Minimal Lines


Minimal lines was a big tendency during the fair, and several brands follow this type of aesthetic; some went so deep into this concept that you could spot rimless toilets with their plumbing tucked away. Tiny sinks were also all over, making space-saving the order of order in some of the stands.


1. Inbani


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


Following the ‘tiny sink’ trend, Inbani has come up with a sink design can be set up pretty much anywhere! Washing up your hands in your own room is now possible and the best part is that it won’t damage your home decor style.


2. Artceram


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


Yes, here it is, the rimless toilet revolution! Rimless and slim, the One by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Artceram will make the clean-up time way easier and way more efficient too. Not only that, but this toilet also has a hinge-free, easily removed, seat cover.


3. Alape


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


This specify design is perfect for space limited bathrooms and is an update to ‘Piccolo’ which was launched in 1997. This version is slightly wider, comes in three different faded matte finishes, and also delivers a more precious counter space. – Who said smaller bathrooms can’t be stylish?


4. Bette


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


This beautiful and grand ‘Bette glazed titanium steel washbasin’ is available in assorted colours and finishes. It is subtle in its colour palette, yet impressive due its size and shape. It is a more elegant way of making a statement that is sure to make a very positive impact on anyone using it. For those who love options, the collection also includes washbasins that come in two additional geometries.

Bold Colours


Now more than ever people crave for individually designed, ultra-modern, bathrooms that boast a wide range of finishes and surprising effects. This is proof of what we already know – lifestyle is still the dominant notion behind bathroom trends.

This same demand also influences the materials which are now varied and as creative as possible: there’s the classic wood, but marble and new kinds of metallic finishes are the main star of any bathroom set up these days. This same need for variety also applies to taps and mixers, furniture, surfaces and accessories.

Since minimal white is not everyone’s cup of tea, here are our favourite colour focused stands, from the ISH fair.

5. Flaminia


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


Ceramica Flaminia goes way back in time when it comes to their history of bathroom production. As the talented and experienced professionals that they are, it is no surprise that they brought to the fair such lively and outstanding bathroom design options.


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


Ceramica Flaminia focus is always on innovation as well as in the creation of high-end products that are able to shape the design world. All the stages of product development are carried out in-house in Italy. – Their creative process starts at the modelling stage which is the part that gives life to the design concept. Then, the idea takes tangible form through a manual process conducted in close coordination with the designers, and with all the care typically associated with a craftsman’s workshop.


6. Cerasa



Cerasa has played its role in the bathroom design world since 1983. They are based in Godeaga di Sant Urbano near Venice, but they are open to the world. They are known for producing high-end bathroom designs and did it yet again while showcasing their colour filled designs.


The 7 Bathrooms Designs from ISH 2019


Cerasa’s biggest asset as a bathroom design company is its ability to combine tailor-made products with technological innovation. The catalogue features lots of different design combinations that are meant to please as many different tastes as possible, but they also give you the option of personalising colours, finishes, dimensions or even modules.


7. Artemis



Artemis is spread over 18 countries and has an active export activity that includes 33 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company has been active in the design industry since 1997, and they operate in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone on a 10 thousand square-meter factory. During the fair, they showcased what they have always promised – bathroom design quality that comes with an elegant twist. Even though they didn’t use too many colours this time, their designs were impressive and filled with contrasts.



Artemis is also a pioneer in the bath washing sector and produces a large variety of products in different product groups such as – bathtubs, shower trays, linear shower drains, shower enclosures as well as bathtub equipment that can be produced with a solid surface.



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