The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017


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The Best Of Colors – Interior Design Trends 2017


Written by Vanessa Santos

Every year the experts scour the globe looking for the best interior design trends to integrate into your life, and the color authorities are just one of the many experts that already set their color palette for 2017! If you are thinking just about the Pantone, it’s not the only paint company authority that sets color trends. Actually, that are a lot more and Room Decor Ideas is ready to share with you what the expertises are predicting for the next year.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017

Greenery by Pantone

As we already talk about it, Pantone declared Greenery the Color of The Year. A lot of articles and famous interior designers gave their thoughts about it and a lot of inspirational interior design mood boards were flooding on the internet with the green hue. Regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew are the commands.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 Benjamin Moore Shadow stylish living room

Shadow by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s pick turns to be usable, layered hue. “It’s dramatic, which is what the year is. I’ve been over neutrals for a long time”, said company’s creative director, Ellen O’Neill. With no doubt, a seductive color for stylish chic interiors.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 Composed Behr Luxury bedroom

Composed by Behr

Though the collection is called “Composed” the palette features deep and intense hues. Rich jewel tones mixed with muddy neutrals make this palette perfect for layering.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 Bizantine blue modern living room

Byzantine Blue by Glidden

With a great combination of blue and gray, the Bizantine Blue stretches the boundaries of purple. It appears to be more gray when paired with dark neutrals, yet it appears more bluish-purple when partnered with whites. “Its unique versatility and incredible ability to bring out certain hues” explained Misty Yeomans, PPG color marketing manager.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 entrance

Poised Taupe by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’s color of the year, Poised Taupe, is a deeper  and timeless neutral. A modern hue, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool for luxury homes.

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 Violet

Violet Verbena by PPG

Similar to Pantone’s Serenity and Rose Quartz picks last year, PPG’s Violet Verbena is meant to symbolize a duality of thought. “Consumers now embrace the middle ground between masculine and feminine, young and old, and work and leisure,” says Schlotter. “Violet Verbena’s blending of gray and violet reflects that middle ground.”

The Best Of Colors - Interior Design Trends 2017 cloudberry

Cloudberry by Olympic Paints

The choice of Olympic Paints is a serene soft violet that conveys retreat from the stress of everyday, a keen for relaxation. “Cloudberry conveys retreat from the pressures of daily life, encouraging meditation and mindfulness, inspiring more focus and less stress,” says Dee Schlotter, the senior color marketing manager of the company. A gray-purple hue that idealizes the popular bohemian, lifestyle.

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