The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017


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The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017


Room Decor Ideas brings to you the latest colours and patterns for your walls! The best wallpaper design trends for 2017 are here to inspire you and to really turn every room into a stylish one!

We’ve been assisting to a move away from the clean style and minimal interiors. Now people prefer their homes decorated with a more personal approach, reflecting individual style, tastes and interests rather than top get loyal to a style that fits all. In a more radical way, the maxilism is stepping forward to create chic interiors.

Wallpapers have always had a universal appeal and tend to create stylish rooms and chic interiors. They can actually change the atmosphere of a room dramatically. So let’s find out what you can do for your walls this year with these beautiful wallpaper design trends!

The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017 geometric gold pattern

The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017 gold pattern

You can give a more feminine edge to a masculine style when you go for softer pastel palette on the new geometrics. Specially if you add a little metallic highlight like gold hues! Large-scale patterns that contains texture and tone-on-tone colourways are also a trend that provides a dynamic and modern touch to the interiors.

The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017 luxury homes

The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017 modern interior design

Don’t be afraid to team graphic pattern with strong colour.  Embrace the magic and illusion involved in making a flat surface appear three dimensional. The effects can be mesmerizing, just imagine a wonderful multicoloured wallpaper panel with elegant style, creating a dynamic and inspiring welcome home in a chic hallway or luxury living room.

The Best Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017 chic interiors

The Best Beautiful Wallpaper Design Trends for 2017

Punchy hues has become more popular and is a fantastic way to bring together heritage patterns in a contemporary way. From modern watermark techniques to a more floral, the scale is usually large and wallpapers are no longer reserved to one single wall! In luxury homes, moody wallpapers can give opulence and depth to the interiors. Exquisite to see!

Wallpaper comes in every look you can think of, from classic, neutral or minimalist to bohemian, bold and arty – and it really suits different interior design styles. Digital printing has enabled revolutionary changes in décor trends, bringing wallpaper up to date with exciting new designs and color pallets!

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