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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes


On the third day of Decorex, one of the many events of London Design Festival, Room Decor Ideas’ team notice one major home decor trend that is present in almost every stands from the best luxury design brands of the world: the copper. After two years, the copper finishing seems to be back to bring a new shine inside home interiors and give a new bright style to the room decoration. Room Decor Ideas made a selection of some of the most exclusive design pieces in this finishing to show you the comeback of copper for Luxury Homes!


The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

Gia Chandelier by KOKET is, by itself, an imposing design that really enhances the style of any room decoration. But the copper version of this flowers shape chandelier really shows a powerful side of the luxury interior design. This can be the perfect choice for a living room design with a feminine touch!


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

Mandy Stool by KOKET is more than a design piece, it’s almost an piece of jewelry. And what can be better to add a more glamorous look to your home interiors than offer it this stunning copper bench? With its twisted brass structure, this bench will give a new look to a luxury interior design space!


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

With a modern design that can fitted in almost every interior design styles, Wave Center Table by Boca do Lobo is the perfect way to use this home decor trend inside home interiors and get a luxury interior design!


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

Creating the effect of a beautiful decorative plany, Botanica Sconce by KOKET is one of the lighting solutions you can use to enhance your luxury interior design. Besides offer the perfect lighting, this copper sconce will improve and decorate the walls of luxury homes.


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

For modern homes, Etta Round Suspension Lamp by Delightfull could be a great design piece to complete the room decoration with a lot of style and to use this home decor trend on home interiors.


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

If you are looking for the perfect statement piece to use on a living room and add the room decoration a bolder look, Monet Center Table by Boca do Lobo is the right choice.

The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

Inspired by the sun, the powerful Guilt Mirror by KOKET in copper will decorate the walls and improve the luxury interior design with a lot of style. You can use this copper mirror on your home interiors to help you to spread the light into the entire room.


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

From one of the brands Room Decor Ideas discover on Decorex, this Copper Chandelier by Brand Van Egmond will enhance your home interiors and give a modern touch to luxury interior design rooms.


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The Comeback of Copper for Luxury Homes

The modern and bold Chloe Sconce by KOKET has this copper version that you can use on every single room decoration inside home interiors to achieve a luxury interior design and give a new style to your walls.


Copper will be one of the major home decor trends for 2017 and Room Decor Ideas made you a selection of design pieces you can use to improve and enhance your luxury interior design and get a new style at home.


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