The Mid-Century Modern Showroom You Must Visit 


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The Mid-Century Modern Showroom You Must Visit


The Mid-Century Modern Showroom You Must Visit ⇒ Covet Valley is the newest mid-century modern experience that you can enjoy in Porto. Originally built in the 1960s, Covet Valley keeps its mid-century architectural roots intact by featuring rigorous geometric lines and large windows that perfectly integrate the house’s interior design in its natural surroundings, overlooking one of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes – the Douro, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


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Covet Valley is the epitome of mid-century modern design, otherwise known as the house that could be the perfect fit for an early James Bond movie. Inside, an instantly recognizable mid-century split-level layout is fully decorated with a curated selection of mid-century modern furniture, lighting and accessories from Europe’s top brands. Are you ready to go back to the 1960s?



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Covet Valley is where you can take a look at some amazing mid-century pieces like the Monocles sideboard, the Botti chandelier, the Sherman sofa or the Bertoia dining table, just to name a few. Luxury and elegance meet each other in a seductive setting that promises to elevate interior design and craftsmanship into a whole different level. Dare yourself and be part of this experience!






Travessa Clube de Caçadores, 301
4420-089 Gondomar


+351 911 780 428


Take a Virtual Tour at This Amazing Showroom Here for Free!



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