5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles


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5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles


Global Textiles include the textile industry in India, Asian Fabrics, and African Fabrics. Room Décor Ideas gives you 5 tips to decorate with home textiles that can be gathered from anywhere around the world and still look amazing in your home. There are numerous luxurious fabrics that can be placed all around your home to be placed in the perfect setting. Each individual has a variety of perspectives and opinions with certain looks, but with these global textiles it is assured that each designer can find exactly what they are looking for!

5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles
Chintz Fabric being used for 2016 trends for Home Interiors


5 Tip to Decorate with Global Textiles
“Work Hard, Play Harder” with Suzani Fabric within your home!

Global Textiles have been created over 30,000 years ago with colors consisting of black, gray, turquoise, and pink. Room Décor Ideas believe there needs to be a focal point of different rooms and spaces. 2016 trends say that “ everything color” is what stimulates end-consumers and designers for their homes. From all over the world, Artisans have their specialized ways of material usage and methods for their styles and patterns. For example, Suzani Fabric, which is imported from Uzbek. One of the 2016 trends show that these fabrics can be used for wall hangings and table cloths. Ralph Lauren, does an amazing job using Suzani Fabric within his designs.

5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles
Toile de Jouy being used within Home Textiles

The fabric printing of Italy’s Fortuny and France’s Toile de Jouy have a representation of the variety of tastes and socializations of their country’s culture. “Fabrics have the power to instantly update a space with color, texture, or pattern.” Says Director Kevin Sharkey. Fortuny Fabric represents luxury and refined living inspired by the Renaissance period made by secretive techniques. These fabrics technically aren’t practical for curtains or upholstery because of the higher expense factor. Small amounts of yardage like pillows can create a focal glamour point in a living room!

Christophe Philippe Oberkampf created toile De Jouy in 1760. This amazing fabric is printed in one color consisting of blue or red with a white background. This fabric printing design is known for its very fine details in the engravings. This is truly a great way to decorate bringing in culture from the Global Textiles Industry.

5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles
Shibori Tie Dye being used for Bedding: Another way to decorate with Global Textiles

“The original tie dye in the Textile Industry” The Japanese Shibori tie-dye can be used as a shower curtain or a curtain in a study, bedroom, or basement game room. KOKET offers fun prints with soft, blurry lines, as well!

5 Tips to Decorate with Global Textiles
Beautiful Chintz Fabric

Chintz fabric is similar to KOKET’s bloom leather collection because even though it is not made of a cotton fabric it has a glazed finish. Decorating with these global textiles may seem expensive, but not as much as you may think. This can be used on the back of a chair in a living room on a bench cushion or armchair.

5 Tip to Decorate with Global Textiles
Mud Cloth Designs are the New 2016 Trends for Room Decor Ideas

Mud Cloth Designs illustrate moral concepts, myths, and historical events. These fabrics are mostly used for upholstery due to the high Martindale!

5 Tip to Decorate with Global Textiles
Beautiful, Deep Jewel Tones used for this Indian Fabric

Indian Fabric is know for its Indian Block Printing. This represents the most influential styles of time. “The energized colors can range from designs that are basic to extremely complex.” Says Lauren Change, a textile conservator in Chicago. This Indian Fabric can be used in table settings to grab attention to the dinner table for a gathering.


For more inspiration, please see the Pinterest Board: Global Textiles. 

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