A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio


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A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio


A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio –  One of the contestants of the Covet International Awards,  a Design Contest that it’s still open for entries (Until the 15th of December of 2018), is Ptang Studio Limited, a design studio formed by the duo Philip Tang and Brian Ip.


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For this design competition, Tand and Ip presented a project for a modern residential development. “2Gether” is the name of the latest modern design project from the Ptang Studio Limited. This modern clubhouse is located along the south coast of Tuen Mun, China.


A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio
Credits: Ptang Studio


The clubhouse has a panoramic sea view from five natural bays. This modern architecture house is inspired by the details from the natural environment. However, the interior design of the house captures the dynamic factor of the area’s active suburban lifestyle.


A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio
Credits: Ptang Studio


A Modern Contemporary Residential Project by Ptang Studio
Credits: Ptang Studio


Created in 1997, the Ptang Studio Limited engages multiple styles of design projects no matter the size of the space. From small-scale residential and flat design spaces to large-scale commercial areas, the design studio work for clients in Hong Kong (China) and in the United Kingdom.


Credits: Ptang Studio


Every design project created by the design team is based on the company’s philosophy which relies on the “Back to Basics” concept. They create spaces that fulfil the customers’ needs and also provides them with a comfortable atmosphere inspired by their individual preferences.


Credits: Ptang Studio


Throughout the multiple areas of the “2Gether” house, the designers’ team wanted to accentuate light through the structure and earthy neutral tones sprinkled with vibrant splashes of colour and introduction of geometric and abstract shapes. The goal is to enhance the concept of crisp natural living within a contemporary atmosphere.


Credits: Ptang Studio


The multi-functional living and dining area was based on an open space layout with no solid partitions since they have been designed specifically for looking to the common spaces as an extension of their own private homes. This detail allows its residents to embrace the social space for a range of social gatherings.


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