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Al Mana Galleria Has the Best Dining Chair Designs


Al Mana Galleria Has the Best Dining Chair Designs ⇒ The home and office furniture brand feature the most exquisite furniture collections to decorate any luxury home! If you’re looking for the perfect dining chair design than this is the article for you! Discover more about their incredible and unique collections here!


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Al Mana Galleria is a renowned home and office furniture brand from based in the modern city of Doha, capital of Qatar. Besides their unique furniture collections, the inspiring luxury design brand also helped to create some stunning interior design projects that it is all about the luxury design!


Esedra Dining Chair | Image Credit: Al Mana Galleria


Passionate for providing the best platform for new and emerging international brands, Al Mana Galleria, believes that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo Da Vinci once said. Since they feature the best furnishings from the best luxury design brands in the world, the inspiring design gallery based in Doha features a unique portfolio and brand experience in lifestyle furniture in the retail category.


Blade Dining Chair | Image Credit: Al Mana Galleria


On the other hand, Mobi is a famous manufacturer of high-end contemporary furniture founded in 1983 in Bursa (Turkey) by A. Rasit Karaaslan, an award-winning designer with exceptional craftsmanship skills.


Volga Dining Chair | Image Credit: Al Mana Galleria


Being one of the first brands to export their unique furniture designs in the late 1980s, the world-renowned company is also one of the few Turkish companies to win an international award in the product design area.


Mobi Dining Chair Collection | Image Credit: Al Mana Galleria


Al Mana Galleria features one of the best dining chair collections in the world that can transform any dining area into a luxurious and glamorous dining space, that is all about the details. For example, Mobi’s incredible dining chair designs with their unique woodcarving craftsmanship techniques can be a statement piece of your dining room decor!



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