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Anna Sakharova is one of Russia’s Best Interior Designers


Anna Sakharova is one of Russia’s Best Interior Designers ⇒ Russia is starting to become one of the world’s beacons for interior design. Several talented interior designers and architects have chosen to set their camps in the mighty country. The history, tradition and classical architecture keep inspiring young designers. Anna Sakharova is yet another perfect example of it.


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This uber-talented designer never takes a day off. Well, at least, a complete day off. Anna is so in love with her line of work that even when she’s on vacations, on a day-off or even at the weekend, her mind is constantly rambling for the next inspiration, her next design. Anna is the ultimate impersonation of this line of work, her life lives and breaths design.



The bedrock of her projects is always a complete understanding between herself and the clients. After all, as it is of the vox populi, the designer is nothing without the client and Anna likes to take that relationship to the next level. Full comprehension is of the utmost importance for her work. It allows her to make the right decisions and to have a more relaxed and creative approach to her work, which so well represents her.



There is no singular style attached to Sakharova. As people usually say, the devil is in the details and, if you pay close attention, you can see the contemporary side popping up in the décor. There are also modern accents in every project, with the luxurious side being the common link amongst her portfolio.



Anna stated once that the right decision doesn’t exist. There are only suitable solutions to every project which are created in the moment. The job of the interior designer is to fulfil the clients wishes with what seems right to them while constantly taking chances. That’s what separates one sheep from the herd, and that’s what makes Anna Sakharova unique: the chances she takes and the rewards she collects from them.



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