Beautiful Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2017


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Beautiful Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2017


Are you looking for color ideas to paint your living room? The standard white color is the most used, but in this article you can see other examples of colors that can be a good choice to color your space.
We share the wall colors that are trends in Interior Design in 2017. Enjoy our beautiful and mesmerizing suggestions of Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2017 that will inspire you at the time of painting your walls.

Gray and White

Beautiful Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2017

Gray and white are a timeless combination that harmonizes with both modern and elegant spaces. When using neutral tones, you can choose to add touches of color through the accessories. Project designed by Koket.

Wine Color 

Beautiful Living Room Wall Painting Colors 2017


The color of the wine is a good choice for the contrasting walls. It is an elegant color that looks wonderfully with furniture of a neutral tones.

Red Color 


Another bold color is the red that has the power to ensure an immediate energy. The ideal is, however, to balance it with furniture and white details to create a contrast. Try to paint the ceiling with a lighter color than the walls, to make it appear taller and, in space, larger.

Beige and Wood Painting

Wall Painting Colors 2017


A good way to give dimension to the walls is playing with textures. In this case, a combination of beige, a neutral tone par excellence, and a part of the wall, behind the sofa, covered in wood. Project designed by Koket

The Pastel Shades 

Wall Painting Colors 2017

The pastel shades are the main protagonists in the latest proposals for decoration this year. They can appear in the pictures and repeat themselves in the rest of the space, elevating the decoration.

Navy Blue 


As you can see, in this modern living room, only a few walls appear painted in stronger colors. There are walls that materialize strategic points within the space and appear as a statement in the home decor.

Blue-Green walls

Wall Painting Colors 2017


Much is said about the risk of using dark colors in the spaces, but when properly applied, they can look fantastic. We love this combination of navy blue with touches in white.

White over White

Wall Painting Colors 2017

With white color, you can take a monochrome approach that extends from the floor and walks through walls, furniture, and curtains. And so you get a space full of light and creates a lot of tranquility.

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