Best Interior Designers in Russia - Dom-A Casa Ricca


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Best Interior Designers in Russia – Dom-A Casa Ricca


Best Interior Designers in Russia – Dom-A Casa Ricca ⇒ Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev are the ones behind Dom-A Casa Ricca, a Russian design studio that is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever, ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, Dom-A is one of the top Russian design studios.


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In recent years, Dom-A Casa Ricca has been growing in size, popularity and, obviously, in design projects. This has been great for this Russian Design Team, but for Maria Silver, the growth of the Studio has been rough because this implies more work, changes, important decisions and time spent structuring. But Silver, as well as the rest of the Team, feel that these hard times were beneficial and allowed Dom-A to grow as a Design Studio and reach a higher level of professionalism and design standard.


“I think when a person becomes satisfied with everything that he has achieved, he stops growing. Until we satisfied, we have something to strive for, and I want this state of “satisfaction” to come to me as late as possible.”


When asked what signifies professionally fulfilment in her eyes, Maria Silver was adamant in telling that she achieves this when she finishes a project and find a complete sense of logic, quality, and fulfilment of the clients’ needs.



“If my design intent is understandable even for non-professionals – for people who will live in this house, or be in it – I am very pleased. Because everything that we do and create in our bureau, we do primarily for people”.


Dom-A’s Team relationship with the client and the audience is always a dialogue! If the foundation of cooperation becomes a dialogue, then the project is obtained. But if it is based on a monologue, for example, by an architect, then the work will become a monument to himself and his ambitions, and this can be applied vice versa because an objectionable monologue the client does not contribute to the object being professionally made. That’s why dialogue and mutual understanding is pivotal for this studio’s work.



This work methodology is applied to any design project of the studio that includes private and corporate projects, but the Dom-A business also includes plans to launch a new furniture collection that will follow Dom-A’s leaders’ style!

“I have many areas of activity and they are diverse because if I immerse myself in one thing, after a while I get bored. I can quickly switch to different tasks, being multi-tasking is a natural state for me.”


Through the attendance of professional exhibitions where they encounter new trends, materials, and technology, Maria Silver learned that inspiration is an absolutely spontaneous thing and, especially in her early work with Dom-A, there wasn’t any specific inspiration driving her design passion.



“Different things can inspire unpredictably: sometimes it can depend on the object, at other times on customer identity, from the locality, from the task. Inspiration can come from anywhere. The source may be even a gift and a card given to me by my children on my birthday.”


For the Dom-A’s team, the whole world of design is moving towards simplification. The trend is the simplicity of form and purity of lines, as well as environmental friendliness materials. In the past, Exclusive Design was available to a limited number of wealthy people, but now even factories are very high level and quite expensive, trying to make their designer items more accessible a wide range of buyers. That’s why Maria Silver and Dom-A see the future in more simple, efficient and popular terms, believing that the age of Luxury Design for a Few may be over sooner rather than later.



This simplification, however, won’t be achieved at the expense of Craftsmanship, quite the opposite according to Maria Silver. Taking into consideration her past experiences with Craftsmanship in Italy, particularly with Arte Veneziana, Silver believes that the future of design can only be possible if old arts remain active. The simple luxury designs of Designs can only be achieved by the Craftsmanship Lessons, but machines will have a bigger part to play in the relationship between Artisans, Designers and the Client.



Even though homogenization and depersonalization will be part of the Design Future, Silver believes that Craftsmanship will play a role in preventing that the living space will be created for a time period of 1-2 years, and not for a longer lifespan of interior fashion. In a way, Craftsmanship can help the Top Design Brands regain a sort of personality that’s losing force.



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