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Best Interior Designers – Meet Richard Mishaan


Best Interior Designers – Meet Richard Mishaan ⇒ Richard Mishaan has been a leading player in the interior design practice in New York City. With a long career, his firm has been revolutionizing the game – running from residential projects to hospitality or commercial settings.



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“The best interiors are layered and rich… I adore creating synergy between collected pieces whose common thread is a tonality, a texture, or simply the excitment they evoke in the client who chose them…”

– Richard Mishaan


This quote is the way Richard chooses to introduce his work to the world – with it being up and front on his profile page in the firms’ website.


Best Interior Designers - Meet Richard Mishaan


Born in Colombia, Richard Mishaan began his career by the side of Philip Johnson after attending Columbia. The ultimate mix master, Richard works well with the mixtures of the most contemporary pieces in the most modern sets – nodding his head at the reputation he’s gained for the past 20-plus-years.


“I learn by doing research, by travelling and just by interacting with the people I need to work with. I studied Architecture because of my love of history and geography. My job brings those things into focus daily. The entire design process requires you to draw inspiration from somewhere, I usually find it in history and cultures from varied geographic regions.”

– Richard Mishaan



It’s the constant learning and research that has put Richard Mishaan at the top of New York Interior Designers.

The Mishaan touch aligns layered, rich and expansive designs – that comes with no surprise as Richard himself is an expansive person. With a combined knowledge of fashion, architecture and interior design as well as the mixtures of trends research and the cultures he comes to know, Richard Mishaan has a deep understanding of luxury, quality and what takes to provide a unique design set.



“I have not achieved everything I want in life, I am not even close to doing so. I am however grateful that I have been able to do as much work as I have. I have designed projects for Residential, Commercial (stores and restaurants) and hospitality clients (hotels). (…) What dreams are still in the cloud? There are too many to mention”.

– Richard Mashaan


Richard identifies sustainability design as the way to go and as the most actual and hot trend. The cultural part Mishaan draws inspiration from comes a long way into giving him this view on the importance of sustainability and craftsmanship in the design industry.



Richard Mishaan is the author of two books – Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern both published by Monacelli Press, a division of Random House. 


Best Interior Designers - Meet Richard Mishaan

Best Interior Designers - Meet Richard Mishaan

Best Interior Designers - Meet Richard Mishaan



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