Best Upholstered Chairs For your Bohemian Room


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Best Upholstered Chairs For your Bohemian Room


One of the biggest design summer trends is bohemian style. A design for people who think outside the box and love statement pieces. And what better way to create an interior with the unplanned and busy statement than a bohemian Chair? Pick up an oriental rug and pair it with traditional upholstered Chairs, shaggy throw pillows, and a hip French lamp.

upholstered Chairs

Explore this inspirational pieces that we gather and invite the warm, free Bohemian spirit to your home.

upholstered Chairs

Chiclet Chair by KOKET- GET PRICE HERE

This Chiclet Chair by Koket is an easy chair with vintage lines and delicate metal tapered legs supporting a perfectly wrapped arm and frame. This bohemian it’s unusual and unique perfect to create a statement in any room.

upholstered Chairs

Drapesse Chair By Koket – GET PRICE HERE

Drapesse Chair by KOKET This modern chair is another great example of design piece to use with Bohemian style. Daring, modern, exclusive and even retro, this stunning velvet chair will be your favorite spot in your room!

upholstered chairs

Ibiza Arm Chair

Sitting a top of a brass curved base is the Ibiza arm chair. Unique and fun like the island of Ibiza, this chair is a perfect addition to any home.

upholstered chairs

The shaggy

The perfect Alpine reading chair from the by Nicky Dobree. Bring the mountains home, a perfect chair for those you think outside the box.

upholstered Chairs

Ollie Chair

Elegant lines and a walnut finish turn the Ollie Chair into a classic, sophisticated seating option mixed with pillows or a rug you can turn this classic sofa into a bohemian accessory.

upholstered Chairs


Upholstered rosewood armchair, with grooved rosewood base, rounded back and arms, loose seat, by Eugene Schoen an elegant and chic option to give personality to any shy or simple room.

upholstered Chairs

Extremely comfortable lounge chair made with faux fur and leather. Can be customized with different colors and materials. The perfect chair for a statement of fun and personality.

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