Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity


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Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity


If working at home can be consider a privilege, your home office should be a stunning place where you can feel inspired and increase your creativity. Room Decor Ideas is a huge fan of dramatic home interiors and selected the best home offices that can inspire you during your working time! These are the perfect bold home offices to inspire your creativity and make your work more pleasant.


An Inspiration Wall

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

Inspire yourself with an exclusive decoration at your work place. Do you work at fashion or you are a fashionlover? Get a wall full of fashion inspiration, like this shoes’ shelf! This expensive home office design combines the feminine shoes’ wall with the uphsoltery desk, which combines the polished brass draws with the black lacquer feet. The modern chair has an exclusive design, giving a more edgy look to the office design and, the final touch, the crystal chandelier to add a touch of glamour!



Light It Up with Style

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

This is a more masculine home office. The entire room design creates a dark atmosphere, but where you can feel confident and powerfull. The combination of the black desk, the silver chair and the black floor lamp contrasts with the white crystals chandelier, which creates harmony and glamour in the office design.


A Statement Piece

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

In a more classic home office, a wall mirror can be a great statement piece. This venetian wall mirror brings more light and a modern touch to this black home office. The black wood desk is another fancy and powerful detail in this room decoration. And, of course, the light is another important detail and a floor lamp can solve this problem with style.


Dark, but not Black

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

People tend to think that the only way to create a dramatic room decoration is with black furniture or black walls. But for those who don’t want to get an entire black space, dark blue can be the solution. This beautiful home office has dark blue walls, which give the space a very formal look, and combines gold details, such as the top of the desk and the brass floor lamp!


The Elegance of Black and White

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

If there’s any doubt about which color you want to use on a room decoration, think simple but bold. If neutrals can guarantee you an elegant space, if you go daring and use strong colors such as back and white, your office design will be so much more trendy! A black top desk, combined with a black and white natural rug will give your home office a strong room  decoration!


The Strong Desk Design

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

This office design shows how a desk can define the room decoration. This strong marble desk creates an intense and powerful room design. The gold table lamps are a stylish details that give the home office a more trendy look, while the flowers on the top of the desk give a more elegant and feminine touch.


The Statement Chairs

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

When your home office is the place where you receive clients, it’s important to have comfortable chairs where they can seat and talk about business. If you want to impress with your stylish office design, choose two upholstery chairs with a bold design!


A Glass Desk

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

When you have a small room and what to maximize the space and make it looks bigger, glass furniture is the best option. The transparent glass creates the illusion that the room is actually bigger.


The Silver Glamour

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

Metallics are always the best color choice to create glamour at a room design. In a home office a shinny silver desk can make the space looks trendy and full of elegance. Then, combine the shinny desk design with a trendy rug, like this zebra pattern!


Create Contrast with Furniture

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

In a black home office design, you can create light and contrast with the furniture. A wood desk can bring a new color to the room decoration without make it loose the glamour and elegance.



The Beautiful Wallpaper

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

Wallcoverings are a trendy thay seem to be here to stay! And the home office is a great place to use this decorative paper. Choose one that inspire you while give a new style to the room decoration and you’ll feel like you just have a new room at your home interiors!


The Ultimate Luxury Design

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

Be bold and create a daring home office design like this one! This project by Kelly Wearstler is such an inspirational space. The entire combination of colors, creating a perfect and strong color blocking, is incredible!


The Chair of a King

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

If you will be seat all day in a chair, isn’t only important that it has a comfortable design but also that it makes you feel powerful, after all, you are the real decision maker! In a black home office design, a white chair with a strong design like this one will make you feel like the king or queen of your home interiors.


Minimalist But Inspirational

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

This Tom Dixon home office has a minimalist room decoration, but with a strong design. The gold chandelier gives the space a more eclectic look!


Straight Lines

Bold Home Offices to Inspire your Creativity

A home office with straight lines’ furniture can also be bold and very glamorous. Choose dark furniture and place decorative items on the top of your desk to create an elegant room decoration.


These elegant home offices have a bold room decoration that could turn your work hours into a time full of inspiration and creativity and even make your work more pleasant. If you have the opportunity to work at home, create a space where you can feel comfortable and where your creativity can flow!

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