Fashion Designers Interiors that Will Give You Inspiration


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Fashion Designers Interiors that Will Give You Inspiration


A lot of times choosing the décor for your home, it’s like putting together an outfit, from the color to the material, even to patterns and accent pieces or accessories, the mixed of all of them make everything work. So normally Fashion Designers Interiors are a great inspiration for us to apply in our own home.  The Brazilian Brand Artefacto  6th exhibition brought together 9 of the best design firms and inspiring fashion houses to collaborated together and created the perfect design world between high fashion and interior design

Let’s see today  4 brands and the spaces that inspired this brands. In the next week don’t loose the other amazing 5 brands.

Stella McCartney by Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez 

The Florida-based architecture and interior design company’s founders, Alison Antrobus and Ruby Ramirez, were inspired by the ethical principles of vegetarian fashion icon Stella McCartney. The designers used organic and synthetic materials to furnish their space, making sure all materials used were ethically-sourced and cruelty-free.

The collection has an art deco feel to it with black and beige colors, metallic copper accents and intricate textures.

Tom Ford by Cristina Souza and Monica Souza 

Cristina and Monica are native Brazilian designers wildly passionate about art and design their different qualities and design inspirations made them the perfect combo. And both create Avant Design. Now the sisters created a space around Tom Ford that summarizes the designer’s aesthetic with a rich emerald and black color palette mixed with velvet pieces that provide an element of luxe that is what characterizes Tom Ford.

Emilio Pucci by Daniela Saliba  

Paired with the high fashion designer Pucci, Daniela Saliba created a space entitled by ‘’Outdoor Comfort’’ with green and pink color combinations with overall white details. With classic yet comfortable chaise lounges paired with stylish lase cut wooden, creating one of the favorite prints by Pucci.

fashion designers interiors

fashion designers interiors

Balenciaga by Jader Almeida  

Jader Almeida opted for a minimal style with wood furnishings and hanging gold and glass ceiling lights. Space showcases the Spanish brand’s love for sharp lines and architectural shapes.

fashion designers interiors

fashion designers interiors

fashion designers interiors

Valentino by Mirtha Arriaran

Touches of red and lace accents line Mirtha living space of black white and grays. Mixed with modern art pieces. The room represents in perfection the Valentino vibes.

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