Home Decor Ideas - Check Out These Trendy Rugs!


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Home Decor Ideas – Check Out These Trendy Rugs!


Home Decor Ideas – Check Out These Trendy Rugs! ⇒ Made with trendy neutral colour tones, these incredible rugs were created by a famous luxury brand also known as Rug’Society. Find out the best inspirational ideas for your home decor project, here!


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If you’re thinking about remodelling a room in your home decor, the Earth Tones trends are the right way to go. Natural colours can create a warm, Nature-friendly atmosphere since it is associated with peaceful moods and serene settings. This palette of colours provides a relaxation feeling to the ambiences and becomes a space where socializing or even working is a pleasure. The following handmade rugs are the missing piece to complement your incredible home decor project.



Inspired by the Portuguese archipelago, the fantastic Madeira rug mixes neutral backgrounds with shades of blue and bronze that bring us to the fantastic beaches of the islands and the sea that surrounds it. Its neutral colour tones really enhance the bespoke furniture designs that you choose for your home decor.



With unique lines and unmistakable shapes, Lucy is a rug inspired in geometrical shapes and shades of pastel pink that make this astonishing lounge piece. Made With trendy earth colour tones this incredible handmade rug is the perfect piece to enhance all of the bespoke furnishings in your home decor.



Earth Tones are so versatile that works well in modern or traditional homes. Due to its beauty, these colours bring the strength of nature to interior design, by building a looking interest through the various elements and tones.


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This ambience is the perfect representation of a luxury and stylish ambience, standing out the beauty of earth tones. The Kotta Botanical Rug by Rug’Society is rich in earth tones and varied textures that provide a cosier feeling to this space. With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, Rug’Society has developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual.



These neutral colour tones are so versatile that works well in modern, traditional or even mid-century modern homes. To make the rooms more luxuriously comfortable and appealing, you can always opt to a modern and contemporary rug with earth tones, a warm glow of a lamp, animal print accessories or even a cosy fireplace.


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