Home Decor Lessons From Designer's Mothers


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Home Decor Lessons From Designer’s Mothers


Mother’s day is right at the door, and what’s the best way to honor them than to apply everything they thought us about home decor lessons. It is certain that times change and styles have evolved but there are lessons that are eternal.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Room Decor Ideas gather some of the best lessons of life and style from designers’ mothers; they just may remind you of all you’ve learned from your own.

Amy Sklar, Sklar Design

”One of the greatest lessons I ever learned from my mother was to put some care into your appearance, whether you are going out to dinner or to the market. She believed strongly that putting yourself together was a sign of grace and respect for wherever you were going and whomever you were meeting”

As a mother itself of two small children, Amy realizes that interiors must also be functional, livable, and above all, comfortable.

Sasha Bikoff

Home Decor Lessons

Home Decor Lessons

“My mom always taught me to incorporate your heritage and family heirlooms into the design of your home, as they represent who you are and where you came from. We always included the silk Persian Tabriz rugs that my grandparents brought over from Iran, and it is so exciting seeing how they have been used throughout the different homes we lived in.

Frank de Biasi

Home Decor Lessons

Home Decor Lessons

“My mother taught me the importance of proper seating for a cocktail party, trying to avoid the ‘deadly circle’ of people sitting around looking at each other. This was in the South, so she called it a sewing bee! The worst thing to have at a party! From her I learned that it is always better to have several seating groups, so not everyone is facing inward. Lots of seating, different heights and sizes and positions mean more animated conversation.”

De Biasi is a versatile stylist with an extensive design history vocabulary, de Biasi is not bound to a specific look.  Rather, he listens closely to clients then applies skill, expertise and hard work to bring their dreams to life. He makes sure he also applies what his mother told him in every project.

Marshall Watson

Home Decor Lessons

Home Decor Lessons

“She taught me that design can be elegant yet effortless, comfortable, personal, and special. She cherished what had been handed down to her—my great-grandmother Ridge’s Dresden china, brought out only for holidays. She showed me how to lay out the place settings while describing the beautiful hand painting and gilded decoration. She had us boys bring down Aunt Becky’s Irish linen tablecloths that came over with Uncle Frank after World War II. There was a story behind every object she had in her possession, and now we three boys not only have all of these treasures, we also have the stories that went along with them—and the memories of our mother recounting those stories.”

Marshall Interiors though richly layered and often romantic and elegant, his work always showcases a touch of the unexpected and is noted for its “calm and lightness of being as his mother thought him.

Paloma Contreras

Home Decor Lessons

Home Decor Lessons

“While I was growing up, my mother always stressed that the simplest things were usually the most elegant. Hearing that during my formative years encouraged me to pay attention to detail and taught me to be a good editor from a young age. Sometimes what you leave out of a space is as powerful as what you put into it.”

Paloma’s design sensibility is a modern take on traditional style– gravitating towards classic silhouettes and timeless pieces paired with a touch of glamor and an infusion of color all a reflex of what she learn from her mother.

Steve McKenzie

Home Decor Lessons

Home Decor Lessons

“My mother taught me to always be gracious and ready to entertain anyone who stopped by. I have carried that mantra into my life—it always gives me pleasure to host others. As a designer, one of my goals is to extend that spirit of hospitality into my projects so my clients are always ready to entertain effortlessly.”

McKenzie Design creates a warm, inviting outdoor space, perfect for entertaining and sharing a meal.

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