Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather


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Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather


Title: Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather

The high-end, sophisticated fashion designs are the inspirations for interior design trends! Fashion throughout the international runways consisting of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks are infusing style within the home decorating industry. Styles that are being seen on today’s fashion runways are ruling the markets internationally and domestically! The variety of styles ruling the haute couture runways are translated into interior design ideas for leather products like: metallic leather and even leather pillows! No detail is ever small or missed within the fashion industry. Who doesn’t have an eye for the exquisite details of each and every garment, accessory, or handbag. Something as little as python leathers seen on shoes could be incorporated into an upholstery leather for a console table. Statement pieces that fashion forecasters have been predicting for the time period of 6 months ahead of time are finally trickling down the cycle to home furnishings, especially leather furniture. Home trends are moving towards the metallic leathers because the mix of metallics for the summer season are trending, eye catching, and innovative designs!

Continue being a design enthusiast and read about the show stopping metallic leather home trends below!

Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
Bold Lines, Mix of Materials, and Amazing Curves and Angles are all being shown through amazing leather products by Kelly Wearstler.
Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
The “Gold of the Gods” by The Home Centric is using a 3-D technique for their metallic leather pillows!


Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
The Brilliance Copper Leather designed and upholstered with by KOKET brings an amazing mix of metallics for leather furniture. These metallic colors range from gold to bronze, to even copper as seen above.


Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
Gucci’s Pre Fall 2016 Collection hot off the press in VOGUE is displaying an amazing metallic leather skirt. Design Enthusiasts are colliding fashion with home decor! A variety of leather products are infused from the runway! Knockout Silhouettes from metallic leathers on the runway to home decor materials!


Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
TREND: GLAMOUR! Shoe Designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, has attracted the interior design market with these glamorous and sparkly stilettos! Taking the reptilia look and turning into an amazing leather pillow to accent a sofa!
Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
KOKET has a wide variety of cowhide rugs with a metallic border. This fits in with the fashion-forward era and a Rock Star style for home decor.
Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
Who doesn’t love a little bit of leather products: handbags! Tom Ford has designed metallic leather handbags for every occasion! This is such a great inspiration, especially for a dreamy, luscious leather sofa!


Home Decor Trends: Metallic Leather
Working with Pastels and bringing in a soft, gray metallic leather is amazing for home interiors! Interior Design Ideas are working in all directions for grasping the up and coming home trends inspired by A-List Fashion Designers.

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