Hottest Home Decor Trends influenced by Fashion


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Hottest Home Decor Trends influenced by Fashion


Title: Hottest Home Decor Trends influenced by Fashion

Color Trends in Fashion, Influence Color Trends in Home Decor. Industry Leaders in both Fashion Design and Home Textiles agree that these two are colliding! Both of these fields are engaging as the creative minds are joining together to predict color trends, iconic patterns, as well as show stopping fashion trends! The Fashion and Interior Design worlds have never been more in tune with each other. From the very beginning, fabric designers and fashion designers have been closely linked due to the pattern trends seen on the runway would end up in homes 6 months later. Some of the hottest trends captured in VOGUE for home decor are, Tropical Prints, Blush Pinks & Soft Blues, Indigo – Dyed, Dark Florals, as well as Black and White Geometrics.

hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
Fashion and Interior Design follow different schedules because fashion trends are constantly being created, but fabric designers move at a much steadier pace due to home textiles not being able to be redesigned for houses multiple times a year! Fabric Designers from KOKET have borrowed inspiration from fashion trending leather spotted at the high-end runway shows.


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
As soon as this collection of velvet fabric hit the runway, News Reporters, Photographers, and Journalists are sharing these home decor inspirations with the hottest fabric designers of 2016! The blush pink, velvet fabric is definitely taking center stage and holding power!


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
During 2016 Fashion Week, Calvin Klein was photographed in VOGUE, capturing one of the top fashion trends, Dark Florals. The big, open floral designs printed on dark backgrounds have been seen within the home textiles industry on duvet covers, wallcoverings, and even drapery.


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
Within the Interior Design World, home decor has taken a little bit longer then expected to adopt the black and white geometrics pattern. Home Textiles have a much more openness pattern to them then seen from the fashion trends.


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
This Shibori Tie-Dyed outfit is one of the fashion trends that fabric designers are so eager to get their hands on. This is an easy way for home decor to be affordable, as well as intriguing!


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
Color Trends, Blush Pink and Soft Blue are the perfect canvas for home decor! This gives a fabric designer a glimpse of the subtle, pastel color palette for interior design.


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
Interior Design is on full alert for Tropical Prints that were captured by VOGUE at last fall’s fashion shows. The banana leaves and birds of the Caribbean will definitely be seen in the Fall for Home Textiles.


hottest home decor trends influenced by fashion
Fashion is a true companion of the interior design industry. KOKET’s Hide Velvet Fabric is inspired by fashion trends internationally recognized.


For More Inspiration, Please See: Karl Lagerfeld Breaks into the Interior Design 

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