Living Room Centerpiece Ideas


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Living Room Centerpiece Ideas


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas – Here in Room Decor Ideas we believe that the living room is one if not the most used room in the property so when you decorate it or remodel think in ways to enhance and explore all the architectural features. Most important create a living space that reflects your well being and combine the comfort, modernity, classic or futuristic pieces, works of art, playing sets, everything that satisfy your desires.

Choose what you like and fulfill the purpose whether you are a lounging, socializing or entertaining person – this selection reflects our favorite living centerpieces and room centerpiece.

Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Accent Sofa – Showcase a brightly coloured sofa in your living room.


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Dramatic Decor – Dramatic colours and fabrics such as velvet give off a sophisticated ambiance.


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 3
Glass Galore – Use glass tables to showcase your style and decor.


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Decor & Tables – Adding decor such as throw blankets, plants and lamps create a fun and relaxing space.


Bold & Beautiful – Use a bold color such as orange to show off a quirky fireplace.


Incredibly Inviting – Create an inviting living room with a cozy fireplace, neutral colours and pops of color.


bl-consoles-750 (1)


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Airy & Light – Incorporate light colours and a white fireplace to open up your space and make it feel airy.


Texturize It – Combine different patterns and textures to your fireplace to mix it up.


Formal & Elegant – Use a stone fireplace and mantel to display a formal and elegant living room focal point.


Book Nook Club – Set up a comfortable spot for a book club and great conversation.


Country Chic Sitting – Comfortable chairs are inviting and relaxing, especially in a country setting.


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Elegant Arrangement – Arrange your space with different pieces of furniture for more guests!


Social Circle – Gather friends and family together in a circle to enjoy a musical guest.


Charm of luxury – Sleek and elegant chandelier and table that will hypnotize its audience.




Light, White & Beachy – Choose a white sectional and accessorize with beach pillows and decor.


Inviting Patterns – Place your sectional over a printed rug and add some patterned throw pillows.


Living Room Centerpiece Ideas - Room Decor ideas 1
Bright & Modern – Big windows shine light on this long sectional that is great for big gatherings.


Warm Vibes – Use a warm colored sectional with printed pillows and a circular table in your room.


Accent Bookshelf – Paint your built in bookshelf an accent color to create a fun pop.



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