10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins


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10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins


In home interiors, the living spaces should always be a priority when decorating. These spaces, such as the living room or the dining room, should always have a cozy room decoration that can make you relax. David Collins is one of the home decorators that knows how to combine style with functionality and comfort and so, Room Decor Ideas show you these 10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins that will inspire you to improve the room decoration!


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

Navy blue is the formal color for excellence. But since this is a dark color, most of times home decorators prefer to use it only in a furniture piece. In this stunning living room, David Collins combined a navy blue velvet sofa with other shadows of the same color, which create a depth sensation in the room decoration.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

David Collins knows very well the potential of neutral colors. When creating a room decoration in neutrals, the best option is always combine different tones, like cream and grey, to create a small and elegant contrast. In this living room design the marble walls also add a special and eclectic look to the room design.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

A room with a view is half the way to create an amazing room decoration on home interiors. This living room combines a stunning view with an eclectic room design by David Collins. The shades of blue and grey create an harmony on the room decoration with the city outside.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

David Collins always use some statement pieces that create contrast in the room decoration. In this beautiful living room, the gold tone of the polished brass structure of the center table and the chandelier give a new light to the room design and make it look more elegant.



10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

You can use modern and bold patterns in a living room design and keep the elegant room decoration. In this classy living room, David Collins choose three different wall paintings with different strong colors and structures that give a more modern look to the space. The blue stripes on the classic fireplace are another interesting detail to copy.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

Combine two different spaces in the same room can be a hard job. You have to take extra care so both rooms has a coherent interior design style. On this penthouse, David Collins get that perfect combination with the color scheme that the interior designer choose for the spaces.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

When you have a large living room like this one, the best way to occupy the entire space with style is to create different living areas inside. David Collins created three different rooms with a different room decoration, but that combine perfectly with each other. The way the interior designer used patterns on the accent chairs of one of the spaces is an incredible touch.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

David Collins teach us to don’t be afraid to be bold when create a room decoration. The chandelier that the interior designer choose for this living room is stunning. Since it occupy almost the entire living room, it guarantees a perfect light in the entire space, which is a very important thing to get that perfect and elegant room decoration.



10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

The accessories are always important in a room decoration. In a living room design, especially when you want a luxury interior design, it’s important to think in every single detail. Even the decoration of a center table and a side table can improve a room design, and David Collins make sure that every single detail is beautiful combined.


10 Luxury Living Room Ideas by David Collins

Every single room should always have a statement piece that really stands out in the entire room decoration. David Collins, usually, choose the lighting pieces to be the statement pieces, especially on living rooms. And, if you think about it, it’s almost impossible to don’t create a stunning and elegant room decoration with a chandelier like this.


David Collins knows how to combine every different elements to create a perfect room decoration in any space. These living rooms are the perfect example for you to redecorate your living room for spring and summer. The neutral tones and the shades of blue are a major trend for the warm seasons and are something you should bet in!


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