Mid-Century Modern Flows through the Veigns of this Chicago Residence


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Mid-Century Modern Flows through the Veigns of this Chicago Residence


Mid-Century Modern Flows through the Veigns of this Chicago Residence ⇒ A one of a kind project, this Ravenswood Mid-Century Style Luxury Residence has that timeless indulgence of the perfectly combined modern interiors with a pinch of decadence. A place to settle your bones, Emily Mackie of Inspired Interiors explains why and how this luxury home has the perfect pinch of style and history that became such a success.


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The purpose of the project, the creme de lá creme, was to build something beautiful to live in. From a powerful combo of Portuguese and Italian design, the project has an adequate detail of intimacy blended perfectly while mixing styles like no other.



While difficult you can feel the play on play with styles and the mix and match of how it blends so well. This casual formal living room is the perfect haven for socialization and some good times spent with friends and family. The standout piece of this incredible living room? The incredible Collins Dining Chair by top Luxury Mid-Century brand Essential HomeDesigned with a classic retro chic feel, the Collins Dining Chair is perfect to pair with a grand rectangular dining table like the one in the image.



With a flair to the mid-century modern, this luxurious living room has the quirky style of the mid-century style meets luxury. With plenty of existing pieces of decor inherited, it only made sense to incorporate them into a single and special room of the house. With a short silhouette and a single swing, one of the grand highlights of this room is the Stanley Floor Lamp, a retro-styled accessory made by DelightFULL for every single mid-century modern interior design



A plush and intimate cosy area makes this project complete. This private seating area comes alive with plush furnishing pieces. A lavish way of turning your home into a modern and homey place, this is the perfect spot for a rest after a stressful day.



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