Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs


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Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs


Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern Bathroom Ideas are useful and handy when we are thinking about remodeling our luxury bathroom. Several things can be changed and adapted in order to conquer the interior design we aspire to. However, in this article, we’re going to focus on some bathtub ideas. Exquisite shapes can be a double addition to your bathroom design idea: luxury and comfort, and that’s why we’re going to display some bathtub models that will astonish you!


Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

Modern Bathroom Ideas can offer a look that we didn’t expect in our luxury bathrooms, namely when we’re talking about bathtubs. As a centerpiece in your bathroom design, near a window view, or enriched by natural elements, the bathtub can be our favorite place to relax and reconnect with ourselves.


The Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

With an irregular shape just like the most exquisite stone in the World, the Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub is designed with fiberglass with – as the name informs – faux-marble painting glossy finish. Carefully handcrafted with the best materials and techniques, this bathtub is such a sophisticated addition to any bathroom decor.




The Koi Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

Featuring an aged brushed brass inspiriting the Japanese carp, this splendid iron tub is astonishingly comfortable to rest in due to its oval shape and curved lip. The Koi Bathtub is filled with emotions and it’s the perfect solution to a more contemporary luxury bathroom look.



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The Newton Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

This Newton Bathtub is an outstanding design and a bold statement in any bathroom decor. With a curved lip style to offer endless moments of comfort, this tub is made of gold-painted casted iron, allowing an enriched gold interior. With black and gold spheres sculptural one by one, this bathtub is such a stunning masterpiece to add luxury and elegance to your bathroom design.


The Symphony Oval Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas Exquisite Bathtubs Filled With Comfort Symphony Oval Bathtub Nature Vibe

This Symphony Oval Bathtub was inspired by the church organ and by the violin curves. Filled with love just like music is, this tub makes harmonies fly in the air. With gold-plated brass tubes standing out in an oval style, finesse and exquisiteness make their appearance in this design. Finished with white enamel, a clean look is achieved in this stunning bathroom furniture and any bathroom project.



The Lapiaz Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

The Lapiaz Bathtub is a touch of glamour in any bathroom design. Inspired by the karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks, this tub is an exclusive addition that will make a difference in your luxury bathroom. Elegance and comfort are completely achieved!




The Darian Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Comfort-Filled Exquisite Bathtubs

The Darian Bathtub is bold and charismatic, just like its inspiration: the Persian King, Darius. With the accurate use of several techniques and materials, this bathtub is unique. Made of a cluster of gold-plated brass asymmetrical bars enveloped in a black leather structure, sophisticatedness is definitely in the interior design.


The Petra Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Ideas Exquisite Bathtubs Filled With Comfort Petra Green Pastel Bathtub

With a combination of Ibiza marble and wood, this Petra Bathtub is a splendid piece of bathroom furniture that will impress your bathroom decor. Inspired by the ancient city of Petra – where buildings are directly carved in stone cliffs – this tub is such a personalized statement.


Modern Bathroom Ideas are a brilliant way to enrich your bathroom design. Focused on functionality, but never forgetting the importance of comfort and sophisticatedness, the interior design in any home division will benefit from such splendid suggestions!







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