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Momenti’s Minimalist Designs Are Set to Be The Next Big Thing


Momenti’s Minimalist Designs Are Set to Be The Next Big Thing ⇒  Momenti debuted many new design pieces at the Salone del Mobile 2019. First of all, five new fabrics will enlarge the possibilities for customization offered by the brand who chose to custom design as a signature. Cotton, linen, velvet, cotton gauze and sound absorbing fabric: a broad array of textures and different consistencies which can dress not only the classic “upholstery” (such as sofas, pouffes, seats and headrests) but dresser doors, sideboards, high boards and benches as well.


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Coveted Issuu



The WAT® PROTECTION WASH special treatment waterproofs the fibres, making them resistant to wear and stains, without affecting the tactile perception. Thanks to its anti-mite, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties it represents an ideal solution for those with allergies who still love an original edge for every ambience. This new set of fabrics and upholstery, which for the first time MOMENTI® provides even in linear meter in order to create curtains and textile furnishing, is complemented by new models of chairs, armchairs and poufs and by the first bedding collection, with a bed that comes in three sizes and totally customizable in printed velvet or printed linen.



The graphics collection grows as well, thanks to the cooperation with ten artists and designers: some hundred new artistic subjects are added to the already rich collection proposed by the Romagna-based Company for the collections Crazy Paper and Crazy Painting. Among the decors, there are those inspired by two drawings revised by Giacomo Santucci for BORSALINO, the creative curator of the iconic brand of Italian fashion. The Tree of Life and the Cardo: two subjects with a deep symbolic meaning which find a new declination in home decoration and in hotel and residential contract thanks to MOMENTI®.



Wallpaper in fibreglass and fabrics upholsteries inspired by the Liberty style of the beginning of the Twentieth Century is characterized by a strong contrast between black and white and by timeless elegance. The Attitude collection is renewed as well, being enriched by three new front decors for the sideboards and the high board in two new finishes: printed velvet and fibreglass with gloss finish on digital print.



Lastly the bathroom: in view of the total custom projects, MOMENTI® explores the area dedicated to self-care by proposing three new furnishing solutions covered in fibreglass and resin and complementing the technical covering in fibreglass on the walls and, for the first time, the floor covered in printed porcelain by the Crazy Tile collection.



Even for the contracting sphere, MOMENTI® presents an absolute preview, born from the collaboration with Caimi Brevetti, Italian company leader in the office and contract furnishing and complements sector: the first collection of sound absorbing custom curtains, ideal for the hospitality and entertainment world. Also for the hospitality sector, MOMENTI® introduces the first collection of chairs and tables with different heights and decors and three new sets of elements for the Attitude collection, covered in fibreglass, gloss finish and velvet.


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